Friday, September 19, 2014

The Dodgers Score Bunches Of Runs And I Score Bunches Of Cards

I've been hinting at it, and here's the first in a series of posts about an absolutely fantastic box o' Dodger cards that I recently received from good ol' Night Owl. 

See that box above? It's chock full of Dodger cards. If I were in one of those movies where the bad guys rob a bank or knock off an armored car, I would have tossed all the cards in the air and showered myself with them. That's how I felt about this awesome cardboard score.

There were so many cards I can't show them all to you, so I'll be dividing the posts into sections - even then, I've had to limit myself to only showing my favorites. First up is the vintage group. 

Remember when Dodger managers were wise field tacticians?  *sigh*

You'll notice that most of these are written on - or as we sometimes say, "well loved". That's just fine with me, as many of these are new additions to my collection, and I do so love vintage Dodgers.

 Jeez! Who was this kid???? The utter tragedy of defacing a Podres card!

Perranoski was long-time pitching coach under Tommy Lasorda.
 Here's my theory on the W's and the R's on the cards. I think they belonged to two brothers. Each brother marked his cards with his initial.  Do you have any back story on these cards, N.O.? 

These next two got me closer to finishing the Dodgers 1960 set, but I've still got a looooooong way to go...

 How about a batting helmet with no ear flap?  I remember getting helmets like this at the giveaway nights when I was a kid.

The great Tommy Davis. Another card that belong to William, or Wally, or Westmoreland. 

Finally, a great World Series card from 1968 Topps...

The back of the card says Reynolds got the win for the Yanks after Don Newcombe pitched 8 shutout innings and lost to a lone Yankee home run in the ninth.  Some things never change for the Dodgers. 

That's it for Part One of the Night Owl Box. 
See you all again for Part Two.


  1. Nice vintage! I spy a "sunset" card with that Furillo.

    1. Thanks, Nick. Glad to see you comment today.

  2. The only thing I know about the writing on those cards is what was in the post I wrote:

    1. Thanks for that link, N.O. We can all get a chance to read (or reread) your great post.
      Pen marks? Stamps? Hidden Roger Maris'? Our hobby rocks!