Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's The Ice Bucket Challenge - Blogger Stylee

Aloha readers and trade partners,

Well, it had to happen sooner or later - and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. The world-viral sensation known as the Ice Bucket Challenge is coming to a card blog near you!  

In a nutshell, the challenge is meant to raise awareness of ALS - famously known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Of course, the other part of the challenge is to raise donations toward the defeat of ALS.  Since Lou Gehrig is a baseball hero and cardboard icon, I'm surprised our slice of the blogosphere hasn't been involved yet. 

ALS was the only thing that could stop the Iron Horse

When challenged, a person is to be filmed with a bucket of ice water being dumped onto his or her head.That person then challenges others (usually three) to do the same. 

There are other details and "rules" involved but I like to keep things open, so while I'm starting up the challenge here for all of us in the card blogosphere, I'm not insisting anyone donate to the ALS charities. I'm not asking anyone to donate money to anything - as some of us just don't have the extra bread to spread around.  I should know, I'm that guy.

I am however, asking that if challenged, please do something kind for someone who needs it. Especially someone who has a physical or mental limitation that you were lucky enough to not have yourself. Do something nice for a wounded veteran or someone who is always giving, and not on the receiving end often enough. You define the action - that's your private thing. 

However, there is one part that we all wanna know about and we all definitely wanna see. That bucket 'o' water splashing on your head! 

Since this is my idea, I'll throw out the first pitch and undergo the bucket challenge myself. 

WOW! That was invigorating! 

While there were a few bloggers I considered for the initial challenge, I reckoned since the Dodgers are in First Place,  I'm nominating the Dodger bloggers out there to have first ups. Dodger Nation has bloggers all across the USA, so I'm choosing one from the west coast, one from the east coast, and one from mid-country. 

I hereby nominate:

1. Sir Night Owl from Night Owl Cards

I sincerely hope you three will participate - and here's how:
Step 1. Best case scenario is you take the ice bucket challenge and post the video for all of us to see.  

Of course you'll post your challenge video on your blog, but I'll make one central page here on ATBATT for us to post up our videos or links to videos. That way we can get a feel for the success of this endeavor, and have access to all of the videos in one central point. Then...

Step 2. Donate any amount to any charity, or donate some kindness and love to someone in need. We don't have to know what you did, but if you choose to say, I know we'd all love to hear about it. Then...

Step 3. Issue the challenge to three more members of our blogosphere. It's totally open to include bloggers or readers. Of course your family and friends are welcome as well. 

What if you want to participate, but you want to keep your anonymity? No problem, film it from behind, or wear a catchers mask. Heck, I'm hoping you folks out there will get really creative and show the many ways we card bloggers roll. 

BTW - If  challenged here, but you've done it previously, no need to dump another bucket of cold water on yourself, just post the video here for us to see. 

This might blow up large, or it might flop colossally.  I have no idea, but I'm willing to take this chance.  We often talk about the generosity of the blogosphere, so I'm proposing we honor the Iron Horse and spread our generosity a little further. 

THANKS in advance, N.O., Greg and Jim.  Please join me in representing for Dodger Nation!



  1. challenge received. i have been challenged previously, and will make a donation to als research through the als association, and will encourage others to do so as well in a future post.

    1. That's great! If you have a photo or video of your previous "bucketing", please consider posting it here for us to see. Of course, if you do it again just for us, that would be awesome.
      Later this weekend, I'll create a page for pics or videos of all of us who participate in our blogger challenge. Thanks again!