Friday, September 12, 2014

I Won A Royal Contest, And That Aint Random

Aloha readers and trade partners,

It's another sweltering, sunny day in L.A. The Dodgers are up in the bay - no, not Ebay! - Frisco bay, to battle the Giants and defend their position at the top of the N.L. West, and I'm getting ready for first pitch with a cold beer and my winnings from a contest held over at Royals and Randoms

As Josh reminded me in his note (seen below), the contest was held a few months back. I totally forgot I was a winner, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because my prize cards arrived more or less Randomly, which made them a very Royal surprise. 

Since I totally forgot what the "Baseball Sheep" were, I went over to Royals and Randoms and rediscovered what a fun contest it was. 

In it, Josh asked a series of baseball and card collecting survey/opinion questions. He tallied the answers and awarded prizes according to who had the highest points. It was fun to participate and see everyone's answers. The contest Q & A can be found here.

Josh, you mentioned possibly running a contest like that again in the future, and I hope you do. That was a fun one. 

Although I didn't win first prize, I took third place behind The Lost Collector by just one point!   

Let's check out my great prizes... 

Leading off is an autograph! Gorecki pitched one year each for LA and Tampa Bay back in the 90's.  He left behind a record of 2-2 with an ERA over 7.  Well, he did better than I ever would have. 

The second card carried the winnings envelope the way he wanted his bat to carry the Dodgers.  Before we had Matt Kemp and his giant ego patrolling the outfields of Chavez Ravine, we had another big ego with a big bat to match in this guy...

 This is quite an attractive, but simple card. The card features a nice shot of Sheffield wig-wagging his bat, paired with a slice of bat adorned with the LA logo. 

I was a fan of Sheffield when he played here, but unfortunately his ego and mouth got him traded away. We've also got a foul ball that Sheff hit.  My son came out from under a pile of fans with that one. 

Dodger fans might also remember we got Sheffield in the dark, black trade that the Fox idiots put together sending Mike Piazza away forever. Score one for the bad baseball memories pile.

THANKS for the cool cards, Josh. They're great! 

One hour to go for the battle of First Place up in the bay.


  1. Glad you liked them! Thanks for reading the blog. :-)
    -Josh D.

    1. It's mutual, Josh. Looking forward to another Baseball Sheep contest.
      Win or lose, it's fun to play and see everyone's answers.