Saturday, September 13, 2014

Did My Tweet Inspire Matt Kemp?

Last night saw the first game of a three-game series between the Dodgers and Giants, in a battle for the top of the NL West. The Dodgers came into Frisco holding a slim 2-game lead, so this weekend series was going to be very important. 

Game One was horrible for Dodger fans, as the evil Giants beat us 9-0. It was a rough punch to the face.

That meant everything was going to be ramped up even further for tonight's game.  As Tommy Lasorda always said, every Dodger was going to have to get on the same side of the rope and pull. I did my part for the Blue and sent out this tweet to Matt Kemp...

 Dodger Nation was mad! Dodger Nation needed revenge! We needed some get back! Tonight called for:

Of course I don't know if Mr. Kemp read my tweet, but it sure seemed like he did, as he led the Dodgers in an absolute Frisco Bay booty-whuppin'. 

Kemp didn't finish the game, as he fouled a pitch off his foot and left early, but he did some serious damage in Toy Car Stadium. Kemp had two doubles and a single, scored three runs and knocked in three more.  

For icing on top the Dodgers' big dish of baseball revenge, he threw out Angel Pagan at home plate, while in the midst of blowing a bubble with his gum! 

 The Bison may not know karate - but he sure knows ca-ray-zaayyy!!

 I shoulda known everything was going to be just fine in Dodgerlandia because of the way the day began.  I woke up to this wonderful box (not package - BOX!) in the mail....

 This was easily the BIGGEST haul of cards I've EVER received. More on this windfall of Dodger Blue in a later post. I'm still sorting these babies! 

Tonight may have been wonderful for the Dodgers, but I suspect not everyone in Blue was thrilled. Poor Andre Ethier went missing yet again. In a 17-0 blowout, Ethier still couldn't get in the game! Say what?

It was 17-0 and scrub time. Guys named Bernadina were playing for the Dodgers, but Ethier was still collecting splinters.

Did the guy get Mattingly's daughter pregnant? Did he feed chocolate to Ned Colletti's dog? He's getting the serious Al Davis vs. Marcus Allen treatment. 

You heard it here first - he may get left off of the playoff roster.

Sure, 17-0 makes an exciting headline, but I suspect what's happening with Ethier is the real story. 

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