Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Hurt Trade Bait

happy sunday, ATBATT readers. how you all doing?  those of you who are Dodgers fans - or not -  might know that i take my screen name "Stealing Home" from the great Dodger - and even greater man - Jackie Robinson.  one of Jackie's classic moves was to steal home. 

last week when i visited Dodgers Stadium i spied a fantastic action photo of Jackie doing just that.    the photo has it all:  the ump in perfect position to make the call,  freakin' gil hodges at bat !, the unlucky catcher slumped over as if in despair, an awesome cloud of dust and play at the plate dirt, and Jackie (is he smiling?), hat flying, safely past everyone still staring at the plate, as though his speed put him a full 2 seconds ahead of everybody else.  it's a photo that our friend Play At The Plate might well appreciate.

here's some sunday big hurt trade bait. come n' git it...

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