Tuesday, March 27, 2012


...and then...a savior emerged...

what a wonderful great day !! two fantastic occurrences in one day.   the big happening is the announcement that magic johnson's group will soon wrench control of my beloved Dodgers away from that dirty dog of an 'owner' frank mccourt.

the other big happening actually took place this morning, when my friend put these bad boys in my hands...

these are my opening day tickets !!!! what a celebration it's gonna be when magic throws out the first pitch (?) to open the season.  what a great idea, right?

if any fellow Dodger bloggers -or, of course, any ATBATT readers - are gonna be there on opening day, let's get together and hoist a cold one high to the Dodger Blue sky, and celebrate liberation.  YAH-HHOOOOOOO !!


  1. What a great day. Yes I'll be there on Opening Day in the Reserve section too. Not sure where though. My friend got the tix, but he hasn't given them to me yet.

    I'll be in San Diego next week for Opening Day. Will you be there too?

  2. hey bobble, unfortunately i wont be in SD. Cool that you'll be on reserved level too. when you know where your sitting, shoot me an email. we really should say hello and have a toast.