Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Discount Box Trade Bait

so i'm at walmart scouting the card aisle - scanning for what's been marked down - when i see discount assortment blasters.  20 packs for $20.  through the window i see oh-pee-chee, goudy, masterpieces, topps....    a dollar a pack, you say?  sold!

over the last three days i've been opening this box a few packs at a time.  of course everyone's team bags got bigger with the usual team commons.   lets check out what was worthy of becoming trade bait...

i've seen a bunch of these starquest -  always commons.  when i flipped this one, i saw for the first time, 'ultra rare'. oooooooooh.  seeded 1:24 packs

this time not a result of my drunken attempts at scanning.  possibly an error card?  the front kinda looks like its intentionally askew to look like a newspaper hitting the stands...i guess.   then i flip it over...backside equally askew.

here's a cool play at the plate

somewhere in the blogoworlds is a place named after this dude

the backs of these feature a short paragraph about yesterday's stars that i presume 'todays' star on the front actually said. 

cool commemorative of the sheff.  i woulda kept it if he was in a Dodgers uni

here's a rookie and a rookie cup

gettin' down with some home cooking right about now

yet another play at...

no interest in politico cards, cards of hummingbirds or wrestlers.  however, credit given for an amusing way to mix in baseball

who collects these dudes?

the black and white ichiro is pretty cool.  its flip side  is used to play some kinda game.

i like this set. i kept a couple for myself

how about this? i was ripping a pack and out fell this mini.  emmit smith

this is a beaut. i already have one.

when i was a kid phil rizzuto had a late night TV commercial for 'the money store'.  it was shot in front of an obviously fake storefront. it looked like rizzuto was standing in front of a gumby set which then made him look like he was only 4 foot tall ! haha 

anybody want an oddball of a guy with an oddball mvp?

maybe some yankee fan will go ga-ga over this card.  i know i don't. 

old time pitchers (one slightly more old time)
 finally, my one hit....

who got love for coco crispy?
 next keepers


  1. It's nearly impossible for me to NOT think of Billy Madison when I see the name Phil Rizzuto.