Monday, March 12, 2012

Diamond Kings Trade Bait

here's some more old donruss, this time its diamond kings and a coupla box toppers.  enjoy...

these next 2 big boys are roughly 5" x 8".  they're also kinda limited edition.  this one is serial numbered 7032/10,000

# 3,127 / 10,000

these are about 4" x 6"   they commemorate the 1985 all star game.  the backs give player stats for the '85 and overall all star records, as well as various career highlights.  this was boggsie's first all star game, despite kickin' some decent butt his previous 2 seasons. .


i have this entire set (UPDATE - minus the brian harper, who got traded to rhubarb runner). here's the checklist.  if anyone is interested, i'm open to trading the entire shebang-bang or just piecing it out.  the highlights (IMO) of the set follow...


remember the killer bees?


did anybody see that 60 minutes with dykstra showing he was some kinda stock market wiz with nothing more than a wad a chaw and some gumption?    waituminute...these were the highlights ??????


  1. 1991 Donruss Super Diamond King #22 Brian Harper has been on my wantlist since 1991!

    1. I have that card

  2. dude - since - 91 !! that's gotta be some kinda record. brian harper is ALL YOURS ! shoot me an email with your addy and we'll get that all worked out.