Sunday, March 11, 2012

1987 DonRuss Trade Bait

happy sunday night, folks.  the next coupla posts will focus on some old-time donruss trade bait.  i  don't have a lot of love for early donruss, but i always liked these purple borders, and these kept their clean look for just about 25 years !  if anyone is chasing this set, i've got a few more.  I'll list the other players after these highlights...

a crisp looking card of the man we recently lost

remember when this guy was about all the braves had?

Bo knows...
in addition to the guys above, i also have available for trade:

ryno sandberg 75
willie randolph 246
rick sutcliff 69
lance parish 153
jimmy key 37
shawon dunston 76
hojo johnson 132
keith seinfeld hernandez 124
ozzie guillen 235
vince coleman 60
bobbie bonilla 167
george bell 39
jody davis yet another cub ! 72
bert blyleven 226
andres galarraga 90
freddie lynn 135
allen trammel 216

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