Thursday, July 19, 2012

10,000 HITS !! and a Contest Tease

hey everybody -

i open today's post with a quote from the greatest sports broadcaster ever (radio or TV), for the greatest baseball team ever (the Dodgers),

 "In a year of the improbable, the impossible has happened !"

i can't believe it, but my humble little blog has actually hit a milestone - 10,000 hits. WOW !

10,000 THANKS to all of you for visiting my blog, following and reading regularly, occasionally commenting, and for becoming friendly trading partners.

i really had no idea when i began how much fun it would be to become a part of the card blogging community and to meet as many of you as i have.  certainly all of you have helped increase my enjoyment of this hobby of ours.

as a show of thanks, i've decided to extend my thanks in a bigger way by offering ATBATT's first ever contest.  as i write this, i still don't have all the details worked out, but i do know it will it will be simple, and i hope, fun.  it will stretch out over a few posts and i'll probably ask you to make some type of small comment or answer a simple question or two.

so let's get to the prizes.  as i'm fond of saying, ATBATT is a humble little blog, so it follows the contest prizes will be humble as well.  let's check out some teasers...

prizes will include:

vintage with HOFers

jersey relics


...and a fistfull of cards from your favorite team.  sound good ?   once again, THANKS to all of you who visit and read ATBATT. 

Next post: The Contest Begins