Friday, July 27, 2012

A Dual Contest Answer

hey everybody,

happy friday and happy weekend !  the Dodgers battle for first place as we open a weekend series down by three games against the hated ones!  good thing i bought a pyramid sampler on the way home yesterday.

on to this dual contest post. Fuji san is running a contest at his place, so i'm responding to his question: when did i decide to collect sports cards, and what caused it?  i'll be simultaneously answering the question from my contest: if you had to focus your collection to one aspect, what would it be?

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers  WS HERO

 to be honest, fuji san, i can't pinpoint a moment when i decided to collect, but i know i woke up to it somewhere in the late 80's.  back then i was spending a lot of time browsing bookstores and their magazine racks, and i discovered beckett magazine.  evil to some, i know - but it was my door into the hobby.  i was immediately hooked, and it hadda be baseball cards.

i started going to weekend card shows and visiting the Local Card Shops around me (both of which were much more plentiful back then).  i was hooked !

 immediately i knew my primary focus - VINTAGE !!  gimme those old time baseball cards.  for me, a quad relic autograph can't hold a candle to cardboard masterpieces of long past baseball heroes...

Koufax is perhaps my most revered to collect

i noticed about 90% of the respondents to my contest question said they would focus on collecting their favorite teams.  i love my team as much as the next guy (or gal), and i certainly enjoy collecting cards of the best baseball team ever...

upon reflection, i collect vintage because it allows me to collect so much more...

i can collect rookie cards...

i can collect cards that are works of art

i can collect baseball heroes and legends

i can collect cards with multiples, AND original floating heads !

vintage allows me to collect HOF greats

i can collect baseball history and commemorative cards

what  else ??????????????????

i can collect oddball stuff

how about some baseball card history

i can collect miiiiiiinnniiiiiiiiissssssssssss !!!

i can collect tragic baseball stories

...and i can collect the greatest baseball stories of all.

Gimme baseball cards !  the more vintage, the better !

next post: contest winners !


  1. I'm loving the old Brooklyn Dodger cards! Bring on the vintage.

  2. great post... thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun stuff! Who is that Dodger mini and what brand and year? I need to find one of those for my American Flag collection.

  4. benny -

    the Dodger is Jack Banta,1950 Bowman #224. it's his RC