Saturday, July 28, 2012

10,000 More Hits Than Uribe Contest Winners

hey everybody,

THANKS everyone for reading, following, and commenting here.   Thanks for participating in ATBATT's first contest. you certainly made it fun for me, and i really enjoyed reading your comments and entries.

here's how i determined the winners: i took the final point tallies and entered them into the randomizer over at RANDOM.ORG .   i ran it 3 times, and here are our winners:

First : BA Benny

Second: GCRL

Third: Nathan

Fourth: BA Benny

Fifth: Nick

it seems sporting initials in your name, or having the first letter 'B' or 'N' absolutely boosted your chances to win. 

Congrats Winners !  Send an email to me - address available on my profile - and give me your mailing address.
Benny, GCRL, and Nathan, you all get some extra bonus cards from your favorite team and/or player.
i'm presuming Benny wants mets, GCRL wants Dodgers and Nathan wants blue jays, right?  if there's a certain player or two you chase, let me know, and i'll see if i have something along those lines.

THANKS again, everyone who read and played along.

THUS endeth the 10,000 More Hits Than Juan Uribe Contest !  *whew*


  1. Email sent. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Woohoo! I just won two contests in two days, I'm streakin'!

  3. What? I was number 6. C'mon man. Gosh there is my life story for you guys.

  4. Numbers 6 thru 171 won Official Olympic Congratulatory Thanks For Attending Virtual Participation Certificates Of Everlasting Glory. :)