Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Awkward Situation And A Question


hey everybody,

i've talked before about my blog falling behind in regular posts, but i only hinted around the edges about why.

from the time i launched this blog (in sept. '11), i was posting an average of every other day.  then, last month, reality bit me on the rear end - hard - and the economy pushed me right out of my job and into the unemployment lines.  suddenly, the blogosphere seemed very small, and real world issues took me away from posting.

i didn't lose my love of blogging, i simply couldn't do it as much as i would like.  a lot of you know exactly how that is.  i'm not talking about this because i'm fishing for sympathy - although if any of you out there know of a gig for an out of work teacher/department head, i could sure use it. 

the reason i write about all that leads me up to the reason behind this post.  suddenly having my income cut off caused me to rethink priorities about my collection, and i decided to put my cards to work and make a few bucks in the world of ebay.   it might not pay the rent, but i hoped to make enough to justify a night out once in a while, or to at least carry my share of buying a round for the boys.  thus, the aforementioned awkward situation...

a while back a fellow blogger mentioned to me that he was interested in a card i posted for trade.  when i was sorting through which cards to put up for sale, i came across that card the blogger wanted.  i thought..."hmmmm...a month has passed, and nothing since our last communication.  he must have changed his mind." up on ebay it went.

well, of course the card sold.  YAY !

then a few days later, of course, the blogger sent me an email saying he's ready for the trade.  DOH !

cue awkward email explaining the card is gone.

i felt really bad because i felt a little bit like i burned a blogger on a card he wanted.  which leads me to this question:

when someone inquires about a card/cards for trade, how long do you wait before you decide the person doesn't want it?   do you make it a policy to write back and ask if they still want it?  how do you handle that situation?

postscript: that's also the reason i dropped the ball on my proposed 'Dodger Blogger Night'.  suddenly, the only Dodger games i can afford are the ones that my Man Inside Dodger Stadium passes free tickets along to me.  i don't wanna seem like a flake for proposing and then not following through. it just might have to wait till next season.  >.<


  1. Sorry to hear about the job. I hope that resolves itself quickly. As for an answer to your question, I don't know what a good time limit would be, but if a situation like that comes up, I think most people would understand if you told them what was going on.

    1. yeh, resolving quickly would be cool. i'm over my initial shock phase and following some leads.

      on the positive front, i've always been kind of lucky when it comes to getting jobs, so i'm sure something positive will come along soon.

  2. I was in your position not too long ago. The place I worked for 15 years shuttled most of it's work across the border and left me without a job. That is how I ended up in Phoenix and it turned out to be a really really good thing. So keep your head up, things have a way of working themselves out.

    As far as your question, I requested a card from some guy who is a multiple time Blog of the year winner. (if that doesn't give it away..) He said no problem he would get it to me. When it never showed I didn't think anything bad. I eventually got it from him two years five months later but the point is it happens all the time and I think everyone is understanding.

    Good Luck.

    1. thanks for the good words, brother. i wanna go out to phoenix for dodgers spring training. maybe we can hook up and hoist a brew next season.

      hmm..now i'm thinking about a dodger bloggers spring traing weekend. :)

  3. Sorry about the job news. That sucks. Hope you turn it into a positive.

    I don't have a policy on how long I wait before I decide someone wants a card. I'll hang onto it for quite awhile. If I really want to get a trade going, I'll send a reminder to the person.

    As for being on the other end, I deal with a lot of traders, plus I have a demanding job, a family, etc., etc., etc. So there's a lot of stuff I forget, which is why if I'm due to send a card to someone, I wouldn't mind if they sent a reminder.

    1. Thanks, n.o.

      i do tend to have a limited 'waiting period' for most things in my life, so it would follow i would think the same in my card collecting.

      i think your right, there probably is no time limit, nor should there be. it simply depends upon the situation. friendly reminders always being welcome.

  4. I think we're all in the same boat. I forget both ends of the deal. Forget I requested something and forget someone requested something from me. We all just do the best we can. For me, just be honest and do what you say you're going to do. Don't say "it's on the way" and then put it on ebay. I have several cards that I've been told are "on the way" and they never arrive.

    1. i totally agree, kyle. on the side, to anyone who doesnt know me as a trader, i certainly would never say cards are 'on the way' when indeed they aren't.

      as u say, kyle, walking the walk is a real part of the trading procedure. even though our hobby is for fun (mostly),it's no fun if the other person doesn't follow through. i think night owl had good advice with a reminder email after a reasonable amount of time.

  5. don't sweat it man, it was my fault for being a slow putz anyways.

    and good luck on the job front, I hope things turn around quickly!

    1. greg, i really did have a face like Lasordas when i saw ur email about the card. LoL

      you really didn't have to mention about it out though, as i consciously wrote my post without any specific trade being mentioned.

      thanks to understand, dude, and thanks for the well wishes. there's a place im waiting to hear from, so i have my fingers crossed, making it a little slow to type.