Saturday, October 6, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 10 Hank Aaron & Pirates Ed.

hey everybody,

in honor of the braves getting burned on a bogus infield fly rule call, today's edition of Binder Page Heroes features the most famous brave of them all - yes, even more famouser than chipper, the legitimate home run champ, hammerin' hank aaron.

i don't have a whole lotta aaron cardboard, so the rest of his page is currently occupied by some pittsburgh pirates.  let's check 'em out...

this is hank's first card showing him as a member of the 500 HR club.  he's also creepin up on the 3,000 hits milestone.  he eventually finished close to 4,000 hits.

i often use reprints of a card i want to fill in a spot in the page until i can get the real mc coy.

here's the real mc coy. bill white, pictured here, went on to become N.L. president. 

it's a miiiiiiinnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii commemorating his breaking of the babe's all-time HR record.

this one's my favorite.  hank is forever young in this card.

 onto the pirates....

manny here finds a place in my binder because he was a pretty good catcher, but more than that, he got to play in 2 fall classics, and he was a WS hero both times.  his first WS (1971) he got 11 hits.  the only other player to get more ?  roberto clemente with 12.  in his second WS (1979), he got a game-winning hit.  nice work, manny.

lifetime games: 1062   lifetime hits: 1009

yet another WS hero.  gotta love that huge wadda chaw in maz's cheek.

"big dave parker", as Vinny always referred to him, is one of those players with good career stats across the board that fall just beneath the cut-off numbers for the HOF voters.  as a result, he'll probably never get in the HOF, but i suspect every pirates fan would vote him in if they could.

THANKS for reading !

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  1. That is a quality binder page. It is stacked with beast HOFers.