Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 11 Mike Schmidt Edition

hey everybody,

today's binder page features ol' schmidtty, mr. mike schmidt, the long-time phillie who was bad-ass enough to actually sob at his retirement announcment, and nobody snickered or questioned it.  i think we all felt it with him.  heck, it still chokes me up when i watch this clip...

 it also took some brass to wear that tie, schmiddy.  check it out at the 30 second mark.

most of my schmidt cards came to me through trades, so this binder page is definitely a bit of a tribute to my fellow blogger-reader-trader buddies out there.  mike schmidt is always welcome in an offer or package here at ATBATT. 

here's the man who patrolled the hot corner for the phillies for his  entire career...

schmidt looks a bit like he's fighting the flu in this shot

schmidt was a 12 time all-staraccording to this card, mike likes electric trains.  can't you see him in one of those striped engineer hats?

the blue of his uniform absolutely rocks with the blue photo border.  it's one of my favorites.

picked this up in a trade. THANKS !

this card is great because it's rare for me to find a card with schmidt playing defense.  anybody have an original out there for trade?

THANKS for reading !


  1. Great looking page! Nice mix of years and brands. I've always liked Schmidt's 1983 Topps card.