Thursday, October 11, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 12 Dodgers Swatch Edition

hey everybody,

ugh ! the orange and black just won and will advance in the fight for the N.L. pennant.  the reds are dead (sorry Nachos Grande) and the dusty baker post-season curse is still very much alive and well. 

back when i first started the B.P.H. series, the original intention was to first showcase my binder featuring non-Dodgers, and then finish up with my Dodgers binder.  well, since the Boys in Blue didn't make it into the playoffs, i've decided to switch things up a bit and drop in some Dodger posts.  i was starting to miss posting about my favorite team and the Dodgers have so much october history - both great and not so - that here's my part of keeping the Dodgers active through the post-season.

this first Dodger B.P.H. post will feature swatch relics.  despite the letdown i feel after the Great Swatch Scandal of 2012, i still cherish these cards because i believe the vast majority of swatch cards out there are legit, these feature my favorite team and some of my favorite players, some of these designs are really beautiful, and most of all, this collection is only a reality because of trades made with my fellow bloggers and much appreciated readers.

let's check em out....

like a geek, i kept this Kershaw inside its cello wrap.  

 Kershaw had me worried a bit this season with his foot trouble, which i think led to his later hip problem.  he still finished as our unquestioned ace and some great numbers.  he had an ERA of 2.53, and an AWESOME strike out to walks ratio of 229 SO to only 63 BB.  absolutely sick ! 

BTW...i think that's gonna be my rapper name if i decide to pursue a hip hop career : cello wrap ! 

Don Sutton was the first great Dodger pitcher i can remember.  this card is cool because it honors Sutton's best season and features his topps card from that year.  however, there's no indication the jersey is from that particular season.

i featured this card in a semi-recent trade post.  i love the '1,2,3 strikes you're out' caption, as that so accurately captures what it was like to be a batter facing Gagne in his prime.  i'm not showing the rear of this card as it's pretty darn boring.

the shiny purple on this card is absolutely beautiful.  i'm sure rockies fans would like this purple for their players cards. it's low numbered out of only 12, and Jeff Kent was one of my Dodger favorites when he played for us.  has he been eliminated from that TV survival island - or whatever that atrocity is called - that he's on? 

yeah, Kemp was the legtitimate mvp last year, but i still say he had no business stinking up the 3 spot in the Dodger line up for sooo long when he was in such a bad slump.  i wonder if he even tried to talk Mattingly into dropping him in the batting order until his swing straightened out - which as we all know now - it never did. 

card back - meh

i absolutely love the design of this card.  Manny bein' Manny in the photo, a nice glossy surface, it's limited to his number -99, the Dodgers logo featured prominently, and some cool trivia on the rear telling about how Manny came to be number 99.   great card.

more shiny goodness that doesn't show very well here, and more limited edition goodness.

the first of 2 Shawn Green cards.  this one came to me in a trade with a reader.  THANKS !

great design on this card front.  it seems to indicate this jersey was worn on opening day.  the rear the card doesn't give me any more info, but i'm going with the thought that this jersey was worn on a bright, sunny, fantastic opening day out at Chavez Ravine, with Vin Scully calling every play, and everything right in the world.  

THANKS for reading !


  1. Aside from Sutton, these are the Dodger stars of the 2000s. Awesome page, dude.

  2. BTW Spiegel, i never thought about how much Sutton stood out from the others by decades. in this case i laid out the page by how the cards look next to each other.