Thursday, October 25, 2012

World Series Heroes Mr. October (the first)

i know the babe was the first guy to hit 3 homers in one World Series game, but after seeing a few of the sportscaster talking heads out there call that panda from nocal by the same moniker...well, i just hadda let the whipper snappers out there know there was another guy who was first dubbed mr. october, and he wasn't chubby like the babe or the panda.

the first mr. october was reggie.  one of those players called by only one name, and everybody knew who it was.  like ichiro or manny, he was known by baseball fans, writers and players as just plain "reggie", and that was about the only plain thing about him. 

in commemoration of what happened in game one, it's only natural that the next installment of World Series Heroes feature one of the four guys to hit 3 homers in one Fall Classic game, reginald martinez jackson...

reggie first came up with the A's.  this is his topps '75 miiiiiiiinnnniiii.  again, this is about the only thing mini about reggie.  long before the cheater brothers canseco and mcguire were 'bashing' HR's for oakland, reggie blasted 47 in 1969.

2012 topps archives.  got this one in a trade :)

caught this in a group break. love the design - text, logos, info and still doesn't feel crowded.

reggie was World Series MVP twice !  1973 and '77

AWESOME relic card from a trade  :)   the gold swatch just jumps off the card.

quality control alert: "jackson was oakland" ???

here's reggie's card commemorating those 3 knocks in one WS game.  if you want to know the story, read the back of the card below.  it would pain me too much to type it out.

i don't know if jackson was ever oakland, but he was definitely new york. "I didn't come to New York to be a star. I brought my star with me."
-- Reggie Jackson, when he joined the Yankees after the 1976 season

i've got the card, but not the figurine :(

just this week i upgraded this card in a trade with The Diamond King ! THANKS D.K.

reggie hit his 500th HR with the angels - and he hit it on the 17th anniversary of hitting his first.

THANKS for reading !


  1. A '75 Reggie mini! Fantastic. I've got to get one of those.

    Great Reggies all-around. As painful as '77 was, I always enjoyed his cards.

  2. Thanks for the compliment,night owl.

    that '75 really is a great card. that's why i led off with it.

  3. Great group of Reggies. I have a smallish player collection of Reggie that is in the back of my storage closet. I need to pull it out and take a look at what I have, it has been way too long. Thanks for sharing your awesome page of Reggies!

    1. thanks arpsmith. i would love to see what goodies you have hiding in that collection.