Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Binder Page Heroes The Bambino Edition

hey everybody,

no baseball today, and as we all wait for the Fall Classic to begin - FINALLY ! - i bring a post featuring one of the greatest ball players ever.

babe ruth was no stranger to the World Series and he has stats that most players only dream of, as a hitter AND a pitcher !  how about these numbers:

the babe pitched in 3 games, with 2 CG, a record of 3 wins, no losses, and an ERA of  0.87 !
amazingly, only 10 strike outs total, so that says quite a bit about the men playing defense behind him.

what about his WS batting stats, you ask?  spanning 10 years he has a .326 BA, .426 OBP and .744 SLG.   wow !

the cards below come from my single best LCS purchase ever.  these are from 1962 topps. they are a subset known as 'the babe ruth story'.  this subset chronicles ruth's life story, and they are awesome vintage cards featuring some baseball classic photos.

i saw this set sitting in a card shop display case; the complete 9-card subset in a binder page with the absolutely unbelievable price of $20.  
                                                               WAITAMINUTE -

these cards usually go for $20 just for one ! needless to say, i pounced on that in about a half a heartbeat.
                                                                 BAM  - SOLD !! 

i'm gonna let the cards speak for themselves.  what an awesome set. check em out...

THANKS everyone for reading !


  1. what a steal! fantastic pickup! I've got to add that Babe Coaching For The Dodgers card to my collection one day.

    also, check your spam folder haha. sent an e-mail yesterday morning.

    1. thanks for the compliment, greg.

      was the mail about our trade? if so, i saw it and answered this afternoon.

  2. yeah that was it. haven't checked my e-mail since this morning so I figured I'd leave a comment just in case Yahoo was hating on me again haha. I'll check in on it later tonight.

  3. Great subset and what a nice bargain. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks, bro. i hadda jump on it for that price.