Friday, October 5, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 9 Big Hurt Edition

hey everybody,

happy friday.  baseball continues onward for some of you, and my team managed to ultimately squander and ruin their 'almost incredible' season.

upon reflection, although the season felt like such a let down at its conclusion, it really was pretty good, all things considered.  coming off the unspeakable disaster that was the final season of the mccourt ownership, this Dodger season gave us some great moments, and we really did feel genuine hope from time to time.

in spite of the fiascoes that were loney/uribe,  injured/re-injured kemp, and superstars that can't string together 3 base hits in a row, we had the emergence of luis cruz, a quality season from the starting pitchers, and the announcement that Vin Scully will be back to be the Dodger's voice for one more season.  i take silver linings any time i can get 'em.

back when i started getting into collecting, as far as contemporary players went, the big boys to catch on cardboard were ken griffey jr. and frank thomas. as a result, thomas occupies 3 binder pages.  the big hurt was picture-perfect for the sets that were released through these times.  i didn't pull many inserts of thomas, but often, his base cards were beautiful on their own.

i'm gonna take a page from Vin Scully's book, and let the pictures speak for themselves...

really? thomas played 17 years?  i feel kinda old....

dang !

THANKS for reading...

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