Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Multi-Trade Post

hey everybody - hope the weekend was as great for you as it was for me.  i attended a fantastic winter brew beer tasting, and played poker with the boys.  good times.

the start of this semester has really taken a bite out of my ability to blog regularly.  i hope as everything settles down, i can devote a bit more time to my hobby - and get more trades going.  on the bright side to that, my experience blogging here has led to the creation of a blog for one of my classes. 

january turned out to be another great month for trades, and even though my blogging schedule slowed, the packages kept arriving from the mailman.  here's my sunday night post of some more great cards received...

first up is my first trade with dhoff over at coot veal and the vealtones

i've been eyeballing this card on the bay for a while. once again, a blogger brother comes through.

WS co-MVP.  sweet card. 

this one is the real jewel of the trade for me.  i now have this one and charlie neal's card from this series.  any more from this set out there ?   THANKS for these great cards, dustin.  lookin forward to trading more vintage. 

 next up is a trade with our man in florida, the cardboard don

they say the grounds crews at candlestick used to super soak the ground around first base in order to try and slow down mr. wills.

crooked scan or not, koufax is always a cool card

THANKS for the trade, wicked. 

 next up is my first trade with spankee over at my cardboard mistress

two sweet minis, and honus wagner is always great to have.

this is a great ty cobb. thanks for including this one, spankee

gotta love the way piazza just CRUSHES the ball. what a swing.

just to round things out, he tossed in a cool swatch. THANKS for the awesome trade, spankee !

next is a top trader, adam from thoughts and sox

believe it or not, the only GQ's i get are through trades. the old timer cards are the bomb

another from the fleer set. very nice

Adam sent lots more than you see here. i'm almost an official red sox collector now.  many THANKS for the trade, adam.

last up, my first trade with reader steven.  the centerpiece was this shawn green swatch. very nice card...

this rickey henderson mini was tossed in as a surprise.  a really cool surprise.

THANKS for the great cards, steven.  all of these were first-time trades. looking forward to the next ones !!


  1. Glad you liked the cards. That Topps subset with Furillo is awesome. Wish the base set design would've been that cool.

  2. i totally agree with you about that WS subset. 7 cards total. just 5 more to go !

  3. Adam is more than just a reader...

    I'm glad you liked the cards and that they made it there since they changed postage on me when I shipped them and I didn't know about it...