Monday, January 28, 2013

Topps 2013 Hits My Walmart, And I Hit A Hit!

Hey everybody,

So I heard Topps 2013 was hitting the stores, and I decided to stop by my local walmart and grab a quick pack.  I probably won't chase the set, but I was excited for some new product hitting the shelves - which also, by the way, usually means discounts for remaining 2012 stuff.

I bought a jumbo 2013 pack  (and a discounted 2012 pack) - got to ripping as soon as I got home, and was pleasantly surprised!  I don't know how the collating is gonna play out over the long haul, but I was pretty happy with what I pulled today.

I know lots of bloggers are gonna pack rip and write proper reviews of the product.  That's not my intent here, as you other guys do a much better job than me of breaking down the details o' the cardboard.  I have no idea of whether or not Topps used the same shade of blue in the actual cards as they showed in previews. As Clint once said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

However, since I'm dropping quotes, I'll drop one more; as Lux Interior once sang, "I don't know about art, but I know what I like." - and there was lots to like in the cards I pulled...

Here's the first of the inserts I pulled.  These Chasing History cards have a very nice bluish mirror (refractor?) finish. These are seeded 1:4

Walmart jumbo packs each have 3 blue border cards.  My cardboard luck was running hot today, so I managed to pull a Dodger!  Not a bad photo.

I almost never pull Dodger cards, but besides the blue card, I also pulled a base version of a Dodger. 

Since the Card Gods were with me today, I pulled a second Chasing History card, and it's a guy I collect!

Speaking of pulling cards from guys I collect, here's a nice one - a '72 miiiiiiiinnnnnnniiiiii Kershaw! Awesome! These are also seeded 1:4

You want inserts? We got inserts! Here comes another -Calling Cards - Seeded 1:8

I'm presuming this is one of the emerald foils.  These are very nice looking.  Shiny and sparkly beauty.  Seeded 1:6

We're not done yet...I also hit an auto :)

Here we have one of the Chasing The Dream Autos.  Apparently this insert set is made up of the young guns in the game today.  There are 20 players on the checklist (Dee Gordon is the Dodger's representative in the set), and Cardpedia has no info on the seeding for these.  It's a secret?

Finally, I pulled this baby.  An invitation to play in Topps' Million Dollar Chase game.  I'm unsure exactly how this works, but apparently I get to pick a (different?) player every day during the season.  As long as the players I pick keep getting hits, I keep building a hitting streak.  This eventually leads to prizes.  Sounds like fun.

None of these cards alone would take our cynical, jaded breaths away, but taken as a whole, I'm pretty darn stoked about my first pack of 2013 Topps.

THANKS for reading!


  1. Nice hit on the auto!

    I'm liking what I've seen from 2013 Topps thus far, especially with those emerald parallels.

    1. Thanks, Nick. Yeh, the scans don't do justice to those emeralds. they look great in the real.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm committed to vintage still this year unless Heritage wows me but sometimes the fresh stuff hooks me in for a few packs. Love the Fielder!

    On another note, I should be packaging up your cards and getting them out tomorrow (barring work issues).

    1. No hurries, Potch. Take all the time you need. I'll set that Fielder aside for you to include in our next trade. The scan doesn't show it well, but the font on the name has a nice chromey shine.