Saturday, March 30, 2013

Le Gran Trade With Le (Canadian) Dollar Store

Hey everybody,

While awaiting Kershaw's first Opening Day pitch, I'm filling my baseball fix with my blogger brethren reading and posting about cards and trades. 

Here comes a post featuring my newest trade partner,  Douglas, over at the across-the-Canadian-border cardblog, Sportscards From The Dollar Store.

Douglas posted up a Koufax card that I had to have, his insert from The Greats subset in 2013 Topps, and from there, we expanded it into a blind random Dodgers for random Blue Jays and Mets trade.

Doug sent over a nice handful of Dodgers from the 80's thru the 2000's - every one of them a new card for me - and here are a few of the highlights...

 I really enjoyed when Nomar was a Dodger.  His time wearing the home whites seemed so short.

I loved when Nomar came to bat and they would play the opening drum roll/ bass line from War's hit, Low Rider.  It was amazing for me to hear an E.L.A. anthem booming from the speakers at Dodger Stadium.  Goosebumps.

Here's a pitcher who had so much potential lost to arm injury.  Oh well, the Dodgers made him rich anyway, giving him an insane amount of millions to ride the pine.

This is a great card of Rafi in action.  Never mind the reflection from the penny sleeve.  I actually like those lines.

Of course O-Pee-Chee must be involved!  I totally dig this card of Rick Monday, Voltigeur!

  Shown above are a couple of snake-bit Dodger teammates.  Dusty Baker rolled his player days into becoming the biggest-jinxed manager of the modern era.

Saxy limited his troubles to an embarrassing period where he developed a case of the willies and he just couldn't, absolutely couldn't throw a ball in a straight line from second base to first. 

I suspect he made that same face that he's making in the little close-up box whenever he beaned yet another innocent peanut vendor with yet another errant throw.

You want gaudy and gimmicky? You got it!

Finally, the card that started it all. 
Thanks for a great trade Douglas!

Here's an early Happy Easter, everybody!  THANKS for reading.  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

The PWE Epidemic Reaches Little Ol' Me

Hey everybody,

Before you read any further, quick - run over to ESPN Classic.  They're showing Game One of the 1988 World Series.  Dodger Fans, Oakland fans, you know what game I'm talkin' about.

You certainly don't have to be a Dodger or an A's fan to appreciate this historical classic game.  Do you like great baseball broadcasting?  This game featured the golden voiced Vin Scully in his prime and that most excellent color man, Joe Garigiola.  I really enjoyed when they teamed up to call games back in the day.

With all the talk about the new renovations at Dodger Stadium, it's also cool to see old Dodger Stadium, and of course, the old Dodger players featured in that game.

I've been reading around about one of our latest blogger innovation -fad - events, the PWE Bomb.  Wes, the great and generous blogger from the awesome blog, Jaybarkerfan's Junk is perhaps, King of all PWE bombers, and it was my pleasure to receieve one of his cardboard bombs myself.

 I said it once, but I'll say it again. I can't have enough Mike Piazza cards.  This newest addition to my Piazza collection commemorates THE SINGLE MOST SHOCKING EVENT in all my time as a Dodger fan - the trading away of Mike Piazza.  This card mentions he was traded to the Mets. Apparently Pinnacle is ignoring he was sent to the Marlins first.

Here's another card of one of my past faves - Pedro "1981 World Series Co-MVP" Guerrero.   Who did he share the MVP award with?  None other than Night Owl's and my favorite Dodger, Ron Cey, and Boomer Steve Yeager.

Ugh! I hated Juan Pierre as a Dodger.  For some reason, when he got to Dodger Stadium, he forgot the type of hitter he was, and thought he was a home run hitter.  The inevitable result?  Multiple weak fly outs that made him a real hole in the lineup - as a leadoff batter, no less.

He partially redeemed himself when Manny Ramirez was serving a 50-game suspension.  He played like we always hoped he would and actually kept the Dodgers in contention while Ramirez was out.   He was a major reason we made the playoffs that season.

I gotta admit, Pierre or not, this is a great looking card.  

How about Jerry Reuss and his 70's TV detective mustache?

Another great Dodger.  I still miss our former 3rd baseman.

Closing out with a great looking sticker featuring Mariano playing at home.  Nice!

Thanks for the Bomb, Wes.  I really appreciate your generosity. you sent me some great cards, and all of them new for my collection!

 I'll be passing it forward to other bloggers as the days pass.  :)

THANKS for reading everybody.  Now I'm back to ESPN classic. It's the 6th inning....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster - The Patch


The irony....


Like I said, all I do is pull cards of these guys...

THANKS for following along, Greg Z, Night Owl, Brian, Josh, Chris and anybody else who followed silently in the background.  I really appreciate you joining in.  It makes it twice as much fun for me.

Looking forward to the next one.  Good night, everybody!

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 10

Last pack....
Here's a nice card.  Although, I always think of Walker as a Rockie.

Floating baseballs galore!  p.s. BOOOOO !!!

Another floating baseball.  Nothing's perfect, but I wish this shot included the base so we can get the perspective of being safe or out.  I'll bet our super-bloggers can analyze the curvature of the infield clay and determine how close he is to the bag.

How about this shot with Mathis ! I'm thinking this is a bang bang suicide squeeze at the plate followed by a throw to first for a DP?

As you can see, even I don't know our patch at this point.  I like the fact it says "throwback" patch.  All you folks out there playing along, send mojo for your team, because I'm sure as heck broadcasting my mojo for a Brooklyn dodgers patch!

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 9

Here we go...did somebody say something about Dodgers?


Another great photo. Catchers gear? Check. Hard-ass look? Check. RC? CHECK !!

Last pack, coming up! 

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 8

Brian from Play At The Plate just joined us.  Welcome, buddy! Hope we pull something you can add to your collection.  Greg from Plashke's Argyle Sweater is with us as well.  Hopefully the power of a trio of Dodger bloggers will now complete the triumvirate to bring Mighty Dodger Cards from our packs!

BTW-  my pack count was way off.  Seems I got my numbers mixed up.  There's 8 cards in a PACK - not in the blaster.  Actually, we have 3 more packs to rip - which is good news because that means MORE CARDS !!!

Here's a great card.  Love the pose, which somehow fits the uni.  I almost hear the silent movie piano soundtrack.

Hmmm...more cards is not always a bonus.  Sometimes it means more cards...of the enemy.

See what I mean?

 2 packs to go! Really...honest...pinky swear...

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 7

Rt Side: BOOOOOOOO !!!

Alright, a Rookie Cup

This is a great action shot.  Rather, the anticipation of the defense before the action.  It's the third baseman back there readying himself that really completes the shot.

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 6

Oops, I mentioned in the previous post there were 2 packs to go, but there were actually three to go.

Pack 6...

It was only a matter of time...our first Yankee.

First miiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnniiiiiiii !! Can't go wrong with Schmidty

I'm starting to get the feeling we've seen enough Rays and Tigers, though. 
 Where's the Dodgers !!! Where's the awesome pulls????

Now, really, two packs to go...

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 5

So Josh D. checked in.  Josh followed along the first time I ripped packs live and I'm very glad to have him along for the ride again. 

I had mentioned in my previous post the teams seemed to be spread around, but Josh rightfully noticed the Royals were missing.  Josh, you asked for Royals, and joining us a second time brought you some Blaster Break Mojo.  Stay tuned, and you'll see something Royal coming up later in this post...

Our first Angel!

So much blue, and not a smidgeon of Dodger Blue. *sigh*

I pulled the base version of this one earlier.  Now comes the sparkle version.

Usually neglected, the Rockies have been popping up here and there in this blaster.

Did somebody request Royals?

It's the 60 YOT version, but I'm glad you asked and it showed.  It certainly is yours if you want it. 
Who knows, this might be the preview for something even more Royally cool to come.  We still have 2 more packs to go, and our patch card.

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 4

No sooner did I state the cards were spread across different teams then I got a quick run of Red Sox cards.  Sheesh!  This pack also contained only seven cards  :(

BOOOOOOOO !!  However, another RC, and a pretty nice one at that.  This Topps release seems to pack a lot of horizontal cards.

I love the look on Zumaya's face on this release.  I can almost hear him.

Did somebody say, "Red Sox cards" ?