Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Top Ten Captions" Blogger Bracket Challenge Round 2

 THANKS TO EVERYONE who voted for me in the past rounds. I appreciate it and I'm stayin' alive!  

 Intro:  The awesome "Blogger Bracket Challenge" is being brought to us by the great Nachos Grande .

Groups of bloggers were brought together and given one baseball card to write about.  Then all of you, yes YOU,  can VOTE for your favorites over at the Nachos Grande site.  So get over there and vote for me! Soon hack writers will fall by the wayside, while the masters of the keyboard will rise to the top.

Yeh, right.  Did I mention there's voting involved?  How will this not end up like every year's All-Star teams? 

Everyone in my bracket is riffing off the card below.  Here's my entry:



10.  "We almost made the playoffs, but not quite.  So I'm almost doing "The Worm", but not quite.
 I call this one, the squashed bug."

 9.    "I don't know how those old-time players caught back-to-back double headers.  I catch nine   innings and I'm bushed."

8. "Them naysayers are right.  Baseball really IS boring.  I'll just lay here and close my eyes for just a sec...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

7.  "Nobody move!! I dropped my official Cincinnati Reds Logo contact lens. It's right around here somewhere."

 6. "Dang it! It's my crazy ex-girlfriend! Do you think she saw me?  Don't look over there!"

5. "Skipper, I forgot my cup.  Is it OK if I catch like this today?"

4. "PEDS, shmeds...I get my muscles the way Johnnie Bench dd it.  Nothing like pumping out a quick set of push ups between innings.  I actually jog in place during the 7th inning stretch."

 3. "It's the craziest thing.  If you drop down like this, and squint your can still see Dusty Baker's toothpick in the dugout."  

2. "I call this my ultimate plate-blocker posture. Jackie Robinson would never steal home offa me"


1. "This is my pose for the 'Sexiest Catchers of MLB' calendar.  Too suggestive?"

Thank you, thank you.  Remember to tip your waitress..and don't forget to vote for me!