Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me And I'm Back In The Game

Hey everybody !

Remember little ol' me?  I've been away for awhile and I said I would be back in January.
Since it's the last day of the month...I better keep my word and get a post up and running.

In case any of you are wondering - I was away because I had an unhappy event occur and I just didn't have the desire to post.  That's a bit in the past now, so I'm gonna get my bloggin' boots back on and return ATBATT to its humble little place in the blogosphere.

Besides all that, it's my Birthday today, and what better than to have some fun with my hobby on my special day. 

Enough about me...let's get to the reason we all gather here...that glorious cardboard.  I reenter the game with a couple of cards that came my way through ebay.   These represent a few of my top collecting loves: Vintage, vintage Dodgers, past Topps subsets and World Series heroes.  

First up, 1965 Topps featuring a couple of the greatest Dodgers ever:

 I'm chasing the '65 Topps Dodgers, and although the above card isn't particularly hard to find, it is hard to find in good shape for a great price, and that is exactly what I caught here.

Next up is 1959 Topps  Baseball Thrills.  Again, a beauty of a card found at a beauty of a price.  I'm one more card closer to finishing this great, underrated subset. 

Finally, for all of you readers and trade partners who stuck with me through this post, I'm offering a bit of a "welcome back" and thank you contest.  It's super easy to win.

The first person to leave a comment will win a fistful of cards from their favorite team, and everyone who comments from the time of this post until Super Bowl kickoff will be entered into the randomizer in order to win cards from their team and other assorted goodies.

Yes, the first commenter can win twice.  :) 

Thanks for reading !