Saturday, March 31, 2012

Discount Blaster Keepers

I know, the trade bait to come out of that 20 packs fer 20 bucks discount box wasn't mind-blowing, but it was definitely fun to rip all those packs.  I was also able to pull a few cool cards to add to my collection.   Here's what stuck....

I'm a fan of world series heroes.  Then again, who aint?  Maz definitely belongs in this club, as he's the only guy EVER to fulfill the dream of millions of american boys.  No, not to hit dat ass (fill in your generation's buxom bombshell).  I mean the other dream, he's the only player EVER to win a WS with a walk off the Game 7.  
here's some pics from that great feat.  among things we'll never see again, like a Game 7 in the day time, is the spontaneous outpouring of celebrating fans spilling onto the field.  Is it just me, or does that ralph kramden bus driver dude in the final photo look like a yankee fan looking to clock that pirates SOB a good one so's he never touches home plate?

an awesome russell martin in action

speakin' of the boys in blue...the back of this card convinces me KG jr. did not say beans.  it rattles off details about kershaw being a 7th round pick, and his ERA and WHIP stats from the farms.  Real heavy on dates and percentiles.  junior says?  stealing home says...yeh, right.

another HOF'er i collect. this is a cool miiiinnnnnnnnniiiiii

more baseball royalty

no, i'm not a rivera collector, but i respect his accomplishments - and, i'm a fan of false scarcity.

i just gotta have a card of ricky celebrating himself.  i would not put it past him to have brought this display onto the field himself, so we can all bask in the glory that is ricky henderson.

one more for my collection of the greatest catcher ever

final card, my first pull-evah-of the bambino. naturally, the card's a home run. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Discount Box Trade Bait

so i'm at walmart scouting the card aisle - scanning for what's been marked down - when i see discount assortment blasters.  20 packs for $20.  through the window i see oh-pee-chee, goudy, masterpieces, topps....    a dollar a pack, you say?  sold!

over the last three days i've been opening this box a few packs at a time.  of course everyone's team bags got bigger with the usual team commons.   lets check out what was worthy of becoming trade bait...

i've seen a bunch of these starquest -  always commons.  when i flipped this one, i saw for the first time, 'ultra rare'. oooooooooh.  seeded 1:24 packs

this time not a result of my drunken attempts at scanning.  possibly an error card?  the front kinda looks like its intentionally askew to look like a newspaper hitting the stands...i guess.   then i flip it over...backside equally askew.

here's a cool play at the plate

somewhere in the blogoworlds is a place named after this dude

the backs of these feature a short paragraph about yesterday's stars that i presume 'todays' star on the front actually said. 

cool commemorative of the sheff.  i woulda kept it if he was in a Dodgers uni

here's a rookie and a rookie cup

gettin' down with some home cooking right about now

yet another play at...

no interest in politico cards, cards of hummingbirds or wrestlers.  however, credit given for an amusing way to mix in baseball

who collects these dudes?

the black and white ichiro is pretty cool.  its flip side  is used to play some kinda game.

i like this set. i kept a couple for myself

how about this? i was ripping a pack and out fell this mini.  emmit smith

this is a beaut. i already have one.

when i was a kid phil rizzuto had a late night TV commercial for 'the money store'.  it was shot in front of an obviously fake storefront. it looked like rizzuto was standing in front of a gumby set which then made him look like he was only 4 foot tall ! haha 

anybody want an oddball of a guy with an oddball mvp?

maybe some yankee fan will go ga-ga over this card.  i know i don't. 

old time pitchers (one slightly more old time)
 finally, my one hit....

who got love for coco crispy?
 next keepers

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


...and then...a savior emerged...

what a wonderful great day !! two fantastic occurrences in one day.   the big happening is the announcement that magic johnson's group will soon wrench control of my beloved Dodgers away from that dirty dog of an 'owner' frank mccourt.

the other big happening actually took place this morning, when my friend put these bad boys in my hands...

these are my opening day tickets !!!! what a celebration it's gonna be when magic throws out the first pitch (?) to open the season.  what a great idea, right?

if any fellow Dodger bloggers -or, of course, any ATBATT readers - are gonna be there on opening day, let's get together and hoist a cold one high to the Dodger Blue sky, and celebrate liberation.  YAH-HHOOOOOOO !!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Geekish Star Trek Trade Bait

here comes some promotional cards (sheets?) that came in a swag bag for the national, or one of those super shows that hands out such bags of goodies and crap at the entrance.   for star trekkies, this is goodies.  but i only wanna beam up baseball cards. hence, the following trade bait..

this card is about 3x7
these are about 8 1/2 x 11 sheets on high gloss cardstock.  the backs are listing all the info about the release - inserts and such.   those rays from infinity behind the lady captain and chakotay give off a nice shine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Break Loot from the Dimwit's Place

hey everybody.  happy hump-day.  seems everyone's posting thier loot from the break over at the Daily Dimwit.   I made out OK with my boys in blue, but once again, the story was my great luck with my randomized team.  It happened before in a big way with the rangers, also with the O's, and now a decent haul for the padres. 
in addition to the cards below, there were some cool round-cut, baseball shape cards.  i forgot to scan them, but i'll be sure to include them in rod's padre package. 
 i contacted rod over at padrographs to offer him first dibs, and sure enough, he accepted.  here's rod's new padres, and a chance for everyone to see the cool cards that went out from dimwit's break. get in on the next one, as he includes some great product.  comin' soon will be the post of my Dodgers loot from the break. (some of those went out to the night owl yesterday)   see ya ! 

totally digging this design...not so much the dude on the card. 

throwback sets and throwback jerseys !

can't spell padres without g-w-y-n-n

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trade Bait of The Kid

i found some extra ken griffey jr. cards laying about.  anybody out there still collect him? anybody out there who collects him, but doesn't yet have these...?



Monday, March 19, 2012

Discount Blasters Trade Bait and An Awesome Hit

hey everybody. was that a humdinger of a season finale for 'the walking dead',  or what ??!!   zombies, zombie killing ninjas, gore, more zombies over running farms !! rednecks on hogs shootin' zombies ! whew !

now onto baseball cards..   all of my fellow bloggers have been chasing and opening the newest heritage and opening day issues - BTW, is it me, or did topps flagship fall off the map incredibly fast?  i've enjoyed reading your reviews, but i've had to swim in the waters of the low budgets, so no new heritage for me (yet).  no worries as last year's blasters are being discounted and moved out.  that's where i come in.

i picked up some cards priced to go.  let's see how i did.  i scored the usual base cards to fill team packets for my fellow blogonauts, and i also pulled a few nice ones.  i managed one major hit for my PC, which will come at the end of the post.  here we go with today's trade bait ....

sparkly blue beauty of a card


i got a couple of minis.  N.O., do u need?

2 of these starquest: ichiro, and below, the captain

how about these old timers

check out jimmie's eyes. just what did he spy over there?

i'm not a big pujols fan by any means, but i love good baseball photography.  this is an awesome shot.

i caught a coupla orange waves

BOOOOO !! for all variations of giants

the iron man plaque is some kinda tin (?) or hand forged steel (?)

home run derby goodness

a very cool 3-D thingy
 you might ask, aside from these and the commoners, dont i wanna keep anything for meself?  indeed, the following cards are going straight to my binder...

a crisp and clean blue refractory brooks robinson !

men with bats

legends of the game.  any gherig is awesome.  and any card with teddy ballgame, as well.  i dig this military issue pride of the marines card. big payoff for gambling on last year's goods.  i'm very happy.  presenting, mr. bob gibson...

a mini ! with a swatch ! appropriately aged cloth with a hint of stripe in the texture. check me, expert blogger detectives - i believe gibson is pitching at Dodgers Stadium !  a sweet score.