Friday, October 30, 2015

More World Series Heroes

Aloha everybody, 

The other day I dropped a post with Dodgers World Series Heroes, so tonight we'll take a look at some Fall Classic cardboard that doesn't feature Dodgers. 

How far we going back? We're going way back - Honus Wagner kinda back...

Maz's legendary WS home run isn't featured on the front of this attractive card, but the story of it is told on the back....

Let's roll out some vintage...

Gettin' the Mets mojo going!

This card absolutely drips baseball nostalgia. 

The Vacuum - In Action!

 Here come the damn Yankees! 

Did somebody say "World Series MVP?
Numbered to 99 - Awesome!

You can't say "Yankees in the World Series" without saying this guy's name...

I'll always remember just catching Joe Carter's WS-winning home run blast off of Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams from the hotel bar, as I kept slipping out of some fundraiser dinner to watch the game.

Joe Carter sez, "Aloha, baseball!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mattingly's Dodgers Missed The World Series - These Dodgers Didn't

Aloha everybody,

We all know this year's Dodgers went BUST - but that hasn't always been the case, as the Boys in Blue have been to many a Fall Classic - winning their fair share, and leaving behind some legendary World Series moments in their wake. 

Tonight's post will run with the World Series theme, and show off a few cards from a few of my collecting passions:

1. The Dodgers
2. World Series highlights cards
3. World Series Heroes doing World Series shite. 

Leading off is the 1952 Brooklyn squad...

The celebration was short-lived, as the Dodgers went on to lose the series in seven games to the damn Yankees. 

Next up are a few cards celebrating the 1955 Fall Classic. First up is a card featuring another angle of the famous play featured on ATBATT's header photo, and the same play that spawned my nom de blog - here comes Jackie Robinson Stealing Home in Game 1 of the 1955 World Series...

Trivia Question: Who was at bat when Jackie stole home? 

A: It was pinch-hitter Frank Kellert, who went on to hit a single, and was quickly lifted for a pinch-runner. 

 The Duke of Flatbush was definitely a hero, as he blasted four home runs in the series. 

Finally, my personal hero from 1955, the first ever World Series MVP, Johnny Podres...
Podres pitched and won two complete games in the series, posting an ERA of 1.00

 Jumping forward to the 1959 World Series (hopefully I can complete this subset someday)...

Dig the mattress-style chest protector on the ump. 

Games 3, 4 and 5 took place in Los Angeles, so these cards feature the LA Coliseum in the background...

"Look ma, no ear flaps."

Here's another beautiful vintage subset I would love to complete; these cover the 1963 WS...

Once again the Yankees were the foes, and this time the Dodgers went on to sweep them. It was the first time the Yankees had ever been swept in four games, and the only World Series Championship the Dodgers ever clinched and won at Dodger Stadium. 

I've always thought this photo looks like someone is twisting Koufax's arm from behind. 

Finally tonight, from the last time the Dodgers were in the Fall Classic, a moment which needs no introduction...


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fun With Pete!

OK, my turn...

  But when I do, baseball gets awesome - er...


Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's Raining Dodger Managers

Aloha everybody,

Today the hammer fell, and Don Mattingly was let go by the Dodgers. Both sides claim it was mutual, but I lean 60-40 the skipper was fired. 

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. The news of Mattingly's departure got me to thinking about putting together a post around past Dodger managers and Dodger players who went on to become managers. 

This post is by no means all-inclusive, as I'm missing a few managers; the most notable hole in my collection being Wilbert Robinson from the old Brooklyn team. If I ran one of those Nebulous Nine or Eight Men Out type lists, ol' Uncle Robbie would surely have a place on it.(Hint, hint)

All that said, let's get a look at the Dodgers that I do have...

Leading off is the greatest manager the Dodgers ever had, and he was the first Dodgers manager I ever knew. 

His time at the helm stretched back to the days in New York, and he managed the Dodgers to four World Championships, from Brooklyn's first (and only one) to Sandy Koufax's final one.

Moving on to the two teams who just finished battling for the National League pennant...

Ol' Zim managed a few squads - the Padres, Red Sox, Rangers, and of course, he will always be remembered as the manager of the Cubbies to me. 

Gil Hodges managed the Senators and you got it - the Mets. He led the "Miracle Mets" to the Worlds Championship. There you go Mets, some Dodgers World Series luck rubbed off on you. No need to be so hostile. 

Nuff' said about them...

 Speaking of teams I don't want to speak about, Craig managed the Padres and the Giants (BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!). 

While we're on the subject of managers for the Giants...

Baker managed the Giants, Cubs and the Reds. 

Now that there is an opening for the Dodgers, a few folks are mentioning his name as a replacement for Mattingly, but there is no way I want Baker and his toothpick anywhere near the Dodgers dugout. 

I think the man is World Series jinxed. He was managing the Giants when they were inches away from clinching the World Series. His kid ran across home plate in the middle of a play, the Giants suddenly imploded, and the Angels won the championship. 

Baker was manging the Cubs when they were inches away from making it to the World Series, and then Steve Bartman arose...leaned out?

And we all know how many World Series' the Reds won with Dusty. 

By the way, that Angels team which beat Bakers' Giants was managed by another former Dodger...

Here's Scioscia practicing for his future days as a manager.
And now for my favorite Dodgers manager of all time - good ol' Tommy Lasagna... 

 Tommy only managed one team, for two decades, and he won a World Championship in each one. 

He then went on to manage Team USA to an Olympic gold medal over a monstrously talented Cuban team. Nuff' said. 

This guy only managed one team as well...
With a nod to Night Owl, I used this card because it features a shot of Eck's delivery. Sorry N.O., one of his feet is cropped off.

Back when the Dodgers were trying out different managers every couple of years, Bill Russell got a shot at the reigns. You say you don't remember Russell as manger? I'm trying to forget that mess as well. 

Rumors are swirling around who will be the next Dodgers manager. One of the names being kicked around is this guy's...

 If Roenicke gets the nod, I'll have pulled the grand manager-collecting coup by owning his rookie card. 


Monday, October 19, 2015

More Beer Tasting Goodness!

Aloha everybody,

Over the weekend we had our poker and beer tasting night. 
As promised, here's a look at the beers we tasted.  

Comments on any beers that I show or on anything else you may have tasted or made a favorite are encouraged and welcome. 

As Matt (Bob Walk the Plank) has mentioned and I concur, let's keep the beer conversation working...

The first taster of the night comes from the legends of the beer worlds. Pliny the Younger is a beer that has been far too rare for me to get my taste buds on, but luckily we can get our hands on its Elder. 

As one of the boys mentioned when we popped these, Pliny the Elder rates 100 on Beer Advocate. I don't doubt that, as the Elder went down smooth as velvet. This one is a real beer treat. ABV 8%

I'm a big fan of Firestone Brewing. As with other brewers I recommend, you can't go wrong with anything coming out of Firestone. They're located here in California, and I can't wait to have the opportunity to finally get up there and tour the brewery. 

Saisons are generally lighter summer beers. That said, Opal was definitely not light on flavors. The note I made on it says "Wakes up your taste buds" - in a crisp and bold way. Opal is highly recommended. ABV 7.5%

This Weins beer immediately lets off a note of citrus and fruit when you open it. I think it has more of a red ale flavor than IPA. ABV 6.5%

This Rogue was one of the surprises of the night. When I first got into craft beers chocolates and stouts were not to my liking. However, as my beer mind and taste buds have expanded, I now enjoy stouts, chocolate and coffee-flavored beers when done right. 

This Rogue chocolate stout is definitely all that. Smoooooth chocolate flavor. High recommendation. ABV 5.8

I don't know if you folks out there in the midwest and on the east can get beer from the Lost Abbey, but this brewer is a big favorite with my poker circle. 

As per the label, this ale was brewed with  honey, raisins and rosemary. The beer snob crowd probably love this on a label, but we don't want beers with good taste - We want beers that taste good! 

You might recall Lobotomy Bock from our last batch of tasters. It was was 12% ABV and you could taste every one of those percentage points. It wasn't executed very well. 

This Lost Abbey brew mixed those funky herbs and honey very  well and produced a brew that delivers a sweet and smooth 12% ABV.  Be careful with this one.

 My favorite brew of the night comes from San Diego. A truly big IPA with bold hoppy flavors up front (just like I like 'em), but it tails off with a smooth finish. Highly recommended. ABV 6.8 

Oh yeah, we played poker as well...

One of my biggest pots of the night!
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment. I would love to know what you all think out there.