Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap into Japanese Ballplayer Trade Bait

Been sick as a dog the last couple days. ugh !  some kinda nasty flu bug has been running around school long enough to finally catch me.

now to business. who doesn't like japanese ballplayer trade bait ?

el top dog de japon

it's mini madness


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trade with Ryan at TGOAP

Hey everybody - the week's almost over. How's everyone in your neck of the woods?  Seems I'm the only person around here to not have caught a flu that's been getting everyone around here for the last month or so.

I completed my first trade with Ryan over at The Great Orioles Autograph Project .  He sent me (almost) a ton of Dodgers from the 90's across a ton of different sets. Here's just a few of em...

Trivia for Dodgers fans (or anyone): What does the "52" on Piazza's sleeve patch refer to ?

I think this card was featured over at GCRL in a Lasorda lurker post

dunno if this was ever featured in GCRL double play cards. here's another trivia question: who's that wayward Dodger crashing into jose awful-man?

let's all do the crow hop

park was a punk, but my korean students absolutley love the guy. so all my chp cards go th them, and they're really happy.

El Canon in action.  THANKS for a great trade, Ryan !

Pimpage for a Contest !!

Hey everybody - happy late, late night to you.  maybe only me and those ornery night owls are awake now.  while being awake late and cruising the blogoworlds, i came up on this contest over at Cards Beyond Oceans .

The contest prize is a very cool duke snider auto/relic card.  get on over there and check it out. at this point, it's easy enough to participate, although the word is rules may change as the contest runs its course over a few weeks.  anyways, it looks like a lot of fun.

we all like contests, so do as our Dodgers peemp says, and git your booties over there....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trade Post w/ Arpsmith

i believe rodney king said it best when he called for an end to the last round of riots we had here in LA.  wearing his best sweater for the TV cameras, he asked, "can't we all get along?"   i thoroughly agree.  cats and dogs, serbs and whoever it is they're mad at, and dodgers and giants collectors should all just get along,  right? 

in the spirit of rodney's appeal, i sent some of the Worst Trade Bait Ever to cool reader adam, aka arpsmith.  he in turn generously sent me some great cards from all around my collecting interests. what follows is by no means everything he sent, just the highlights as i see 'em...

my garvey collection is almost respectable now, thanks to my blogoworld buddies

another WS Hero. i'll always remember watching bobby welch strike out mr. october - in october. reggie took some mighty-ass swings, and young welch GOT HIM !

sticker + fernando = good stuff

wills is always great to get in a trade

check this out ! early tony gwynn ! sweet

more HOF vintage !

ol' arpsmith just keeps the hits comin'

THANKS for the great trade, brother.  good things happen when we all git along.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Night Oddball Trade Bait

hey everybody - happy president's day eve.  no work for me tomorrow - yahoo !   so here's a whole buncha oddball americana trade bait.  most of these cards are labeled on the backs as promos or "prototypes".  gotta go..."the walking dead"  is starting...