Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't mess with....that little ol' state...

ever'thangs bigger in TEXAS (even the die-cuts)

the design of these inserts is absolutely awesome to me. the words dont intrude, its a high-blue shine background and the players pop right off of it.

the first of many jg. seems i pulled a heckuvalotta his cards back then.

this guy was my very first auto baseball. its still a prize to me.

hough pitched for the dodgers for several seasons. not bad. i think he threw a knuckler.






was in arlington and saw rodriguez catch. if you were under 14, you got a very nice rodriguez jersey.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's his first contest - and my first pimpalicious post !!

now it's my turn to spread some smooth contest love.  'the card hobbyist' is having his first contest and not only is it easy to enter - but the prizes sound awesome. check it out and enter here .  good luck, y'all.

New Bait (N.L. Edition) Dodgers, Cubs, Braves


            whaddya think it feels like to hit a home run -AT HOME - in the fall classic?                           mickey can tell us.

nuff said (and a nice shot of old dodger stadium in the background)

always had a special place in my baseball heart for our catchers squad. i grew up on joe ferguson. any ferguson cards out there?

this guy any good?

excellent design. cool nod to baseball history, and spahny was no slouch.

nice shine on this one. would love to trade this for a dodgers exponential

this kerry wood is a mini.  nice card

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Bait From Previously Posted Teams (A.L. Edition)

straaaaange to see the big hurt in oakland colors

love this card of young k brown. "scowl, please" - click !

billy's revenge. this is the little known card where billy ripken drew a set of balls on cal's bat. revenge is a dish best served with a curve. 

dang, i pull a lot of tribe cards

sweet action shot die cut

TRADED   : )


did somebody say 'hall of fame'?

 national league new bait is the next post...look for more dodgers, cubs, braves.