Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trade With Rhubarb_Runner

A hero between the lines and in the hobby.  reprint goodness.

these next 2 are gonna fit right in on my 500 HR Club pages

one of the blog brothers out there has a pc with about 10,000 russel martin cards. i gotta have one he don't with this oddballity.

slowly but surely building a nice group of these HOF's

piazza was one of those guys on a million cards back in the day. i love seeing new ones.
i love even more adding new ones to my collection.  as always - THANKS for the trade, Rhubarb !!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A-Rod Trade Bait

yup - just like some of you, i think a-rod can go and suck a lemon.  his face looks like he's doing it anyway.  that said, i know there's a lotta folks who like and collect a-rod.....right, blogos people????
i can't trade these away fast enough...

how sweet is the composition/design on this one?

those rare national packtimes

got any lemons, sir?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Derek Jeter Trade Bait




first the blue border

now the red border


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Junior Trade Bait

Tha Kid

Got this one in a bag-o-swag at the National (card show)

card back features andruw jones

Friday, December 23, 2011

Group Break Trade Bait

While everybody indulges in the arguements of the best blog of the year, i figured 'ol blog number 99 will give a little distraction post.

i was in a group 'break' over at  crinkly wrappers . it was pretty fun as we chose cards in a round robin draft style. i didn't win the autographed baseball, but i got some nice trade bait (IMO) , some cool bonus cards, and the best part is i got THE card that got me interested enough to join the break in the first place. 
first up will be my trade bait, followed by the cards for my pc, and finally - my prize !  here we go...

usual disclaimer: penny sleeves and shiny/chrome do not scan well for me

auto RC - can't be bad

actually, sam, one of the other guys in the break has eyes on this one. we might get a trade going on it. i just wanna show it as a nice catch from the break.

we return to trade bait.

helluva short print. numbered 15/18   angels in order?

also a cool one.  got some jersey, got an auto, and its got his number. a mets fan could get a nice little package out of this post.

more auto rookies

the first of my keepers.  i love cards of world series heroes.

i'm on the fence about this one. im open to an offer if a mets fan wants to get that trade package going.

glad to get this gibson. speaking of world series heroes... gibson started 9 WS games with 8 CG and 7 wins.  2 time WS MVP  (1964 and '67).  Game 1 of the 68 series he pitched a shutout and struck out 17 Tigers -  still a WS record.  oh yeh, schilling pitched with a bloody sock.

another world series (and of course, dodgers) hero.  but since i'm dropping some WS stats, lets check out sandy's: 4 WS rings ('55,'59,'63,'65) and 2 WS MVP awards ('63 and '65).  when gibson set the present WS strike out record, who's recored do you think he broke ? yup - that of mr. koufax - by 2.  
 ordinarily, a sandy koufax triple thread would have been the creme de la creme of my loot, but it wasn't.  when the break was first announced at the crinkly place, this next card was shown as part of the offerings.  i was in !  this was the one i was chasing.....

behold the holy grail.  sure piazza could launch screaming homers, sure campy had a big bat and became a tragic legend, sure lo duca could hook you up with some primo juice, sure, scioscia blocked the plate better than anybody, and sure, ferguson kicked butt and took names in a vicious giants/dodgers brawl... but growing up johnny bench was THE MAN.  he was another WS bad ass, something only ferguson can claim - and his star play came from being in the outfiled, and not at the dish.  as fate and luck would have it, in the penultimate round, when it was my turn for first pick..up came this card. pure sweetness.