Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bazooka Joe Newz...

check out this cool bazooka joe card i got from the recent break over at JABO's .  Joe's got his awesome Dodgers shirt and he's rocking the equally awesome, though regrettable, eye patch.

here's the news... i hit the post office today and packages went out to:

Play At The Plate
Royals And Randoms
The Diamond King, and last but not least,
Dime Boxes

Bazooka Joe sez...Watch yer mailboxes, boys !   Next post: loot from jabo's break.


  1. I love the Bazooka Joe cards.Ever since they came out I've wanted to get one for each team.

    1. i didnt even know they existed. when i come across any, now i know who to send them to (that's you, bro)

  2. Working on a post for the package you sent!