Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Opener Eve Needs An Owl

hey everybody. what a cool opening series we just completed against those padres. we didn't quite stomp em like we should a weak team, and we downright had to scratch to keep from splitting the series - but in the end we come away 3-1, and i'll take that record any time.

tomorrow's our home opener.  Grand ol' Dodger Stadium is gonna celebrate 50 years, and i'll be there.  Cool.   i remember dodgerbobble mentioning he's gonna be there too, and we're both sitting in reserved level.  check your email, bobble.  let's meet up.  of course, any readers or fellow bloggers who are gonna be at the game and wanna say hi, let's do it. just shoot me an email.

as the title of today's post says, a proper celebration of Home Opener Eve requires a Night Owl to get some hoot on. in this case, it's a loot hoot in the form of an awesome package chock full of the best baseball team ever. check out just a fraction of the hootage:

Night Owl mentioned how much he loves trading with fellow Dodger fans, cuz we know what we want.  He's damned right !  case in point: a few days ago i was trolling ebay, and i spotted a kershaw with some jersey swatch.  i coveted that card in my heart.  two days later, what do you think came out of that hootage envelope ?  BAAAAAMM !! ...

THA CARD !! miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiii con swatch !!   who better to kick off home opener excitement than our cy young gun ?

did N.O. send a bad-ass package? let's just say he covered the spectrum, and how.  think of the following cards as chapter headings to sets of cards within...
to help me celebrate 50 years of Dodgerdom, he sent cool cards of heroes from my youth

he sent awesome vintage ! somebody knocked the '61 set the other day on another blog, but i love the simple, high contrast design, and nothing gets in the way of the photography.  Which, by the way is the epitome of a bygone era of baseball card photography.

he included chromage (modern traders gotta have that, right?)

i got spacey, psychedelics of today's heroes

you can't say '50 years of Dodger Stadium' without hearing the ghost of the skipper in the blue dugout

50 years of Dodgerdom's gotta have 3 Dog

shininess was abundant

 why we're the best ever. bi-coastal legends that span the centuries.

then, there was a whole buncha cards that are just baseball card rock n roll !!

there were reprints to fill in holes in my collection

more of dodger fans knowing exactly what dodger fans want.  N.O. sensed i was completing the '65 Dodgers team set, and got me one step closer to closing that out.  another simple, yet beautiful year for cards.

he included hootage of my favorite Dodger this season

and finally, he included a very nice hunk of what i had been calling 'fool's gold'. 
50 years of our beautiful stadium, and all of the history the greatest baseball franchise ever evokes.  from uncle robbie to flatbush.  from zack wheat to shawn green.  from jackie to dee to magic to vinny... thats gold bullion, baby.  you can take that all the way to the bank.  hoot, hoot !


  1. Sweet cards! Love that Kershaw.

    Reserve 18 tomorrow.

  2. Have a great time! And report back on the Dodgers' triumphant pounding of the Pirates.

    1. thanks N.O. you'll be there in spirit. we'll be sure to hoist one to the reigning king o' the bloggers !