Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Jackie Robinson Day and some Group Loot

today MLB honors Jackie Robinson.  In a great tradition, every player in every game is gonna wear number 42. Thanks for everything, Jackie ! here's to you....

joined my first break over at cardboard collections.  i didn't get a lot of cards for my Dodgers, but what i didn't get in volume, the break made up for in coolness.  i got the following tin and card featuring 'The Tornado', bad-ass Hideo Nomo.  the card features Nomo's trademark wind-up.  when you move the card you can see his entire wind-up and delivery. it's a high quality video clip that you really have to see in person to appreciate.  the tin itself is very nice.  totally awesome.

the inside of the tin has some black foam that's pre-scored for display. when i get this up in my office, i'll post a pic for everyone.

the vid clip is a night game at Dodger Stadium

next up are the other cards from the break. a fernando, an eddie murray, and a coupla mo vaughns.


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    1. yeh ! i put it up in my office. i'll post a pic later.
      the video card is way awesome too. you can see it clearly through from the front and back sides and it looks like a little film clip.