Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trade Post Wearing Wooden Shoes

 Happy Sunday, fellow blogeros and treasured readers.  i recently completed a trade which consisted of a coupla firsts for my humble little blog.  while it wasn't my first international trade - that one was with cap'n canuck up in the great white north - this one was with the Dutch Card Guy .  This trade becomes my first to europa, my first to holland, and the furthest my cards have traveled in the name of baseball card happiness.

Speaking of card happiness, that's exactly what i got in the mail from the land of tulips and dudes who love awesome taters.  i sent jeroen a few glavines and yankees, and he sent me a cool kemp and a bonus nomo !!  check em out...

THANKS for a great trade, Jeroen.  You know I'm lookin forward to many more.


  1. Nice pickups!

    Just curious, how much did it cost to ship the package to Holland?

  2. Good to hear they arrived safely and thanks for the trade Oscar ! Looking forward to the next one !

  3. DB - to tell the truth, i dont remember exactly...but i remember it was not much more than usual. i remember thinking it might be expensive, but the price was low enough that i didn't really raise an eyebrow over it. the biggest hassle was filling out this multi-layered form with too many questions. remember to PRESS HARD !

    dutch, can you please check the postage on my envelope to you and post it here for Dbobble to see and me to remember?

    BTW - yeh, dutch, the cards arrived very safe. hope postage was not too expensive for you !!

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