Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gypsy Queen Trade Bait (Part Deux)

happy sunday, folks.  the Dodgers won a heckuva game last night.  it was a straight up pitchers duel between strassburg and bills, there was yet another play at the plate, and wunderkind harper got a nice hit.  but i gotta say, the kid's got one ugly-ass haircut.  my apologies if any of you out there are rocking that bryce harper look yourselves.  anyways - Bison won the game with a first-pitch HR blast in the 10th.  so, better luck in your next debut, davy crockett.

here we go with part 2 of my GQ trade bait.  yesterday potch claimed a couple of the minis, and dimwit claimed the rest.  dimwit claimed 'any and all' minis, and that's cool.  i'm posting one last mini today; the rest are regular size GQs.

say what you will, GQ detractors, these cards are beautiful to me - though i do tend to agree the surfboard is too large.  let's check em out...

last mini

TRADED All The Way to The Backstop :)

Happy Trading....

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