Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter !! (trade post n bait)

hey, everybody.  whether you think it's a special religious holiday, or a day for easter egg hunts, or just the right excuse for a BBQ, i wish you all a Happy Easter.  since most of us will be busy today, this is a short post about a small, but awesome trade, and a couple of trade bait cards that missed being included in an earlier post. here we go...

first up, is my card from an awesome trade with jaybarkerfan.  i nibbled on one of his trade bait posts, and we settled on a good deal for both of us. check out this most excellent double-bat card featuring cal ripken jr. AND tony gwynn.

two of the greats from my time. wow !
what a great card ! THANKS, Wes.  hope the cards i sent help you on your vintage chases.

next up are just a couple of trade baits that should have been posted earlier.  i let them speak for themselves...

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