Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FREE LOOT from Community Gum

wow !!  those dang brewers (barely) pulled out a win in the first game against the Dodgers.  on the bright side, they definitely knew they were in a dogfight tonight, and they felt it in their own house.

wow #2. my trades have kept rolling onward and i'm growing a back-up of trade posts.  if we traded recently, no worries, i'll get em up and posted soon.

today's post covers my totally FREE loot from the great guys over at Community Gum.  they ran a contest that only required we follow their blog and answer 5 hidden questions within their posts.  they don't really have to bribe us to follow because they run a great blog (and they also comment in our blogs as well), but bribe they did. 

the prize was opening a box of 2003 leaf, and we got the cards FREE from the team we chose.  somebody quickly beat me to the Dodgers, so i settled for the red sox.  not bad as it turned out...

no - maaaahhhhh !  when nomar played for the Dodgers, his at bat song was 'lowrider' by war.  hey, red soxers out there, what was his song at fenway?

here's some kinda sample for leaf certified. nice looking card

here's a manny story. my man on the inside of Dodger stadium was once sent with a driver to manny's pad to pick him up and take him out to the stadium for early batting practice. he said manny was super-cool and super friendly.  when they got to the stadium, he even let my friend step in the cage and use one of his bats to take a few hacks.  nice. 

this is a cool insert. the backside is a reprint of the leaf rickey henderson card from 1993 (with the A's)

until this box break, i had not realized how many ex-sox played for the Dodgers !

THANKS for a cool contest and some great trade bait - er - cards, jon and andy !


  1. The Red Sox turned out to be one of the better non-hit teams in the break. Glad you like them. Hopefully you'll be able to flip some of those for more Dodger goodness.

    1. jon - whether i trade them or not, i'm very happy to have this batch of sox. nomar and rickey are always welcome in my binder. it was definitely a fun contest. see you around the blogoworlds.