Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gypsy Queen Trade Bait (Part1)

happy weekend, everybody.  the much anticipated 2012 Gypsy Queen boxes have hit the shelves, the reviews have hit the blogs, and the GQ group break loot has begun arriving at our mailboxes.  i picked up some stuff from a great GQ break over at JABO's, and i bought a blaster myself.  that's where the following trade bait will be coming from.  the orioles cards came from the JABO break. i think you'll agree there's some cool O's up for trade.

i'm currently in a GQ break over at Cardboard Heaven which is absolutely killing me ! one box is done and i scored one kershaw, one bills, and one lilly.  *insert sarcastic yay! from me*  there's one more box to go in the break, so i hope i can get some traction going in box 2.

here comes the trade bait with minimum commentary *insert relieved yay! from the peanut gallery*
now if y'all will kindly excuse me, i'm off to a beer tasting at the world famous Boat...



Here comes  some miiiiiiinnnnnniiiiiiiissssss.....

green frame

hosmer is gypsy queen back

straight cut back

utley is straight cut back (whatever the heck that means)

next post: Part 2


  1. Would you be able to set aside the Banks and Hosmer minis for me? Thanks. I'll see what I can find for you.

  2. I'm interested in any and all mini's you may have available! Set building mini's is a blast!!!!

    1. ok also, got all the other minis posted here. just shoot me an email with an offer. glad to trade with you.