Friday, July 13, 2012

Andre Ethier Rehab Game In Pics

hey everybody -

welcome to the second half of the season.  good luck to your teams, unless it's the orange and blacks from frisco - and whomever we'll be playing in the world series.

on a last second whim, thanks to a great suggestion from my buddy, we went out to rancho cucamomga to catch Andre Ethier in his final rehab game before returning to the big club.  here's a few shots from the game...

well, it's not quite the same experience as entering Dodger Stadium via Satdium Way, but it'll do

pre-game warm ups, Class A style

here's the view from our seats.  the name of the team is the Quakes, and thier stadium is called the Epicenter. it's a nice little ballpark.

i hadda get a shot for all you mascot lovers out there.  this here's Tremor.  his number is 4.8.  (Spoiler Alert) while ethier didn't make a big splash in the game, turned out Tremor was the hero of the game. you'll see why later. 

the Quake's have the same tradition as the big club.  some lucky kid walks out to the position with a player, and then he or she gets an autographed ball, and they scoot off.

you all know what this is

how cool would it be to be that little kid !

time for munchies ! a pulled pork sandwich, nachos and a smile.

"what the heck am i doing here?"

first ups ! here we go Andre, here we go !

ground out. *sigh*

in between innings, some dude proposed for the entertainment of all

what do you think she said ?

Ethier's next up....

he gets a walk and is left at first.  the quakes were not doing well at all in the early innings.  it looked like the 66ers were gonna stomp us, as they broke out to a fast 4-0 lead.

here's Ethier's last ups.  bottom of the 6th. we're losing 4-0, but our boy Andre came up with 2 men on.  this pitch - foul ball

this pitch - fouled off !

with the big guy at the plate and a chance to get back in the game, the boys were all up on the dugout steps.

C'mon Andre !!!

ground out, but Ethier picks up an RBI, and opens the gates to the Quakes eventually tying the game 4-4.

here's a lesson katz and magic can take back to Chavez Ravine.  how about some craft beers at reasonable prices ?  it was $3 beer night last night. hehe

with Ethier done for the night, it's time to get kids, big and small, up on the dugout roof for a dance.  check out who Tremor chose for a dance partner.  he's the hero of all the mascots.

oh ok.  let's see one more pic. 

the evil 66ers scored in the 9th, and we couldn' that was game..  

Good night, everybody !  : )


  1. :') I remember that game!!! That lucky kid...? I kid you not, he was my brother. :)
    Thanks for posting! Great pics you got.

    1. Hey there, Jessica,

      What a nice surprise to get your comment. I'm glad you found these pics. What a small world.

      Thanks for the compliment about the pics, and thanks a bunch for reading. ;)