Saturday, March 22, 2014

So I'm Watching Opening Day Live From Australia...

A few thoughts and reflections...

I really hate to lead off with a complaint, but first of all, as all Angeleno Dodger fans know, catching Opening Day - the most sacred of all days - on TV wasn't as simple as flicking a switch, like we live in a first-world country in the 21st century.

Noooooo, the Dodgers had to go and sign an exclusive TV contract with one cable company that has essentially blacked out 80 % of Dodger fans in Los Angeles from watching the games!  But that's a gripe worthy of its own post on another day.

On to the game:

(From the Dodger's post on Vine:

Puig was Puig, leading off and going 0 for 5 with three strike outs.  He wasn't swinging particularly wildly, but he couldn't make solid, consistent contact.  He did almost go deep in the 9th, but the wind knocked it down. Not too good for a lead off hitter, but he was probably just trying too hard. Let's see how tomorrow shakes out.

Ethier got the Dodger's first RBI of the season.

Van Smash blasted a two-run HR !! Do you think home run balls in Australia spin on their way out of the stadium in the opposite direction?

We were treated to some tweed Aussie live-in-the-stands reporter with a right appropriate mustache. His grandad's photo from 1893 or some such year is on the wall in the Cricket Club. Yawn.

Whattya know? We're also being treated to Aussie TV commercials.  They're pretty dry.  Low key, "sophisticated" pitches for UK insurance companies balanced with lots of soccer commercials.  No blues soundtrack Viagra or "Do you know me? I'm Mahem."  to be found here.

Kersh had a great opening performance.  The numbers will bear that out. He did get hit hard a few times and his breaking balls were ending up just a bit too much in the dirt for my liking, but the snakes liked those enough as well to swing and miss, so it worked out.   He almost had a double in the 7th, but he hesitated coming around first and was thrown out by that margin.

Brian Wilson was filthy in the 8th.

A.J. Ellis plunked on the foot in the top of the 9th.  So it's like that, Arizona?  It's ON!

Kenley Jansen gets the ball in the 9th.  He absolutely shredded Mark Trumbo, his first batter.  Second batter- routine grounder to Hanley.

As Bulldog Hershiser once said, "One more out."

Umpire just gave an extra strike to the Arizona batter.  Check swing? No swing! Hogwash!   The snake batter works his extra life into a walk. No matter, as Jansen gets the next batter to hit it back to him and the


 The snakes were the official home team, but the Aussie loudspeakers actually played "I love L.A." for the Dodger's victory!  Aint life grand? 


  1. Well that sucks (not that the Dodgers won, that it's a pain in the ass to watch a game on TV in CA)

    1. It's absolutely the worst. The fans are being held hostage.
      THE FANS!!! It's hogwash.

  2. Well, at least you have a GOOD team to root for. lol