Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When Bloggers From Across The Rockies Meet

Hey everybody,

One of the great joys of blogging is meeting up with a fellow blogger or reader and putting a human face to this hobby that we share.  That opportunity to meet another blogger recently popped up, and I went for it. I'm certainly glad I did.

Ohio-based Duane, from that little ol' blog known as Democratic Roadkill was coming out to California to enjoy the Long Beach Grand Prix, and he put out a feeler for any L.A. bloggers.  I replied, and after a couple of emails and texts, Duane and I were sitting in front of a couple of cold ones and exchanging cards and card collecting stories.

Duane collects A&G minis, Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates. Indeed, he is The King of  All A&G miiiiiiiinnnnnnniiiiiiis. Unfortunately, I had just locked down a large trade for the majority of my Pirates trade bait, and both my Indians and minis coffers were low, so I really had almost nothing to offer.

Fortunately, Duane is such an outstanding guy, that didn't matter too much and he was willing to swap my measly offerings for some great Dodgers cardboard.

Check out this sweet slice o' vintage - The Dodgers celebrating their WS win after sweeping the dreaded Yanks in 1963.  Here we get the backs of Walter Alston, Marv Breeding and Lee Walls. I think that's Sandy Koufax in the middle of the mob having his arm painfully twisted behind his back (?).  Maybe that explains his later arm troubles and shortened career. Hmmmm....

Below is a very cool Goudey 4 in 1 featuring Dodger stars past and present...

Andruw Jones was nowhere near a star when he was with the Dodgers.  As a matter of fact, he was a complete waste of a uniform, but this black-framed masterpiece is no waste of cardboard...

Check out this numbered 18/50 "Rip Card".  I had never even seen a rip card until this showed up.  What's a rip card? It contains a bonus mini that is obtained by ripping the back of the card open.  Duane had already secured the mini inside, but this is a special little oddball that is now a one-of-a-kind in my collection...

Did I mention Duane is the King of All Minis? Here comes a parade of some great Dodger minis that came my way....



We enjoyed a few hours of talking cards and the eternal chases of our hobby.  We also talked about the story behind the name of Duane's blog.  I'll let you meet Duane and let him tell you all about that himself.

Thanks for a great time, some great cards, and a great new blogger friendship reaching across the country, Duane.  Looking forward to the next trade, meeting, chance at Grand Prix Hospitality Suite passes, and whatever else, Duane !!  It was a real pleasure to meet ya!


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time.

    1. Yeah, it was a blast. Can't wait for the next chance to meet someone new.

  2. Replies
    1. Duane and I were the first workshop of the upcoming Bloggers Convention. :)

  3. I am way late responding to this, but thanks again and it was awesome meeting up!!! Thursday is the way to go on the Long Beach meeting--assuming I can make it there again--- and I am planning on it. Greg had quite in adventure on Sunday getting around there as everything was blocked off. Looking forward to downing a few more brews in the future with you all!!!

  4. Amen, Duane. See you next year for more cardboard and BBQ too!