Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meanwhile - The Dodgers n' DBacks Cold War Rages On

Aloha everybody,

Did you hear the one last season about the Dodger fans who were forced by the Diamondbacks owner to take off their Dodgers gear and wear Diamondbacks crap because they were sitting behind home plate?

Now you see Dodger Blue

Now you don't

Later the Dodgers clinched the division at Chase Field and celebrated by jumping in the Diamondbacks outfield swimming pool - after being told it was OK to celebrate their hard-earned victory, but to "keep it down". 

On Tuesday night Dodger fan Armando Mendoza went to the Dodger-Diamondbacks game and wore a Tshirt that read "We won the West. Now where's the pool?" 


The shirt contains no profanity, it doesn't say anyone sucks, and it wasn't going to offend young children. It's even worth a satirical smile. 

However, the Diamondbacks didn't think it was so funny and they made him turn his shirt inside out just to walk through the gates.  He obliged and then wore his shirt normally when he got to his seat. 

The situation took on a life beyond itself when the Arizona Shirt Police went to Armando's seat in order to confront him and threaten to toss him out unless he turned his shirt inside out again.

Mendoza tweeted about it and all clothing hell broke loose. Twitter blew up, the Dodger Nation jumped on it, and the silly - but unnecessarily ugly - skirmish reached the DBacks Head of Communications. He eventually chilled everyone out and made sure Mendoza remained in his paid-for seat and offered him tix to a future game.

I wonder what shirt he'll wear for that one? I've got an idea, Armando - how about something with a catcher trying to tag a guy out using an empty mitt?

Read the whole story complete with tweets here .


  1. I guess they are just mad that the stadium is taken over by Dodgers fans when they play.

    1. You make a good point, Matt. I notice large - and loud - groups of Dodger fans whenever we play at NL West rival stadiums.
      How about at your end? Do you get big groups of rival fans at PNC?

  2. When the Pirates were terrible it was a destination for a lot of away fans with the Phillies being the most noticeable. You don't notice as much anymore now that they are doing bad and we're much better.