Monday, September 8, 2014

ATBATT Plank Pimpology

Aloha readers and trade partners,

I don't always pimp contests, but when I do, it's because 

a) I haven't been asked to do it in order to gain a contest entry, and
b) the contest is cool enough to have earned the extra pimping,

So, without further ado, let the pimpage begin...

Good ol' Matt, who runs the blog "Bob Walk The Plank" is running a very cool contest.  It's super easy to join and the prize pool is fan-tastic. 

The contest is currently sitting at 43 entrants, and if we get that number up to 50, Matt's gonna kick the contest into an even higher gear.  Thus, pimpology is called for. 

Get on over to that Pirate fan's blog and join the contest here.

As I said, it's super easy to join; all you gotta do is leave a short and sweet comment.  

Git on over there....


  1. He's had a great response. I can't wait to see what I

    1. No way you win, buddy. it's gonna be me. :)

  2. Thanks for the assist. The response has been great. I might have to up the ante even more if we get above the magical 50 number soon.

    1. The contest may never get under way because you'll just keep adding more and more entrants!

  3. I want everybody to win, but either way it is closing Friday at 9pm. I'm guessing I will be at a standstill before too long. Pretty much every blog I follow on a regular basis has joined.