Sunday, October 5, 2014

Final Batch - The Night Owl Big Box O' Cards

Aloha readers and trade partners,

Did your team make it to the playoffs? How are they doing? One  benefit of the Cardboard Blogoshpere is the ability to share the playoffs through my contacts and friends out there in the nets. 

Some of you back teams that are already out, like Matt, a Pirates blogger over at Bob Walk the Plank, and some back teams that are still in, like Arpsmith over at Arpsmith's Sportscard Collection. The Dodgers have tied their series - Madding over at Cards on Cards knows - and we pick it up again on Monday in St. Louis. 

Some of you are fellow Dodger fans, like Night Owl over at Night Owl Cards, who sent me a big box o' Dodger cards that I've been posting my favorites from.  Today we get the final installment, the cards from today's Dodgers. And awaaaay we go!

 While young Joc Pederson did not make the playoff roster, he was a September call up for the big club. Pederson was a beast in AAA and Dodger fans were clamoring all season to get him out of the farms and into a Dodgers uniform. 

When he got his chance, he became one more option for Dumb Mattingly to use instead of Andre Ethier. I believe if the kid had actually been able to continue his power hitting at the major league level, he would have made the playoffs over Ethier. Alas, Joc couldn't figure out big league pitching fast enough, so he's watching the games on TV with the rest of us. 

The above card is beauty in blue. Crawford got hurt a lot during the season, but he's currently healthy and doing well in the playoffs. 

Here's the star pitcher from last night's Dodger win. Dodger fans are spoiled to have Clayton Kershaw, whom is often referred to as the new Sandy Koufax. 

I wish the media would give Greinke his due as an ace in his own right, and refer to Kershaw and Greinke as the new Koufax and Drysdale. 

Can I play skipper? Come on, lemme play.

A very attractive shiny card in the style of '61 Topps - and it's limited to /1961. Bison was the other hero last night, blasting a tie-breaking home run in the bottom of the 8th, allowing the Dodger Nation to breathe again. 
Poor Clayton Kershaw. It wasn't exactly his fault that the Dodgers gave up a 6-2 lead over the Cardinals in Game One. He pitched good enough to be winning 6-2 on a 95 degree, hot-ass day. But Damn Mattingly didn't trust his shoddy bullpen, so he left a tired Kershaw out there to pitch on fumes. 

If Kershaw has one more bad postseason outing, deserved or not, people are going to start thinking of him as the Fran Tarkenton of baseball, but at least Tark was able to get his team to the Super Bowl.  

Sunday Night Bonus! How about a few of my favorite tribute cards from the box...

What's a fistful of cards from Night Owl without miiiiiiiinnnnnniiiiiiis? Nice choice on this one N.O. I really dig this card.

 Cool matchup here with a Dodgers-Reds coin (?) pog (?) from the Ted Williams card company. 

We mentioned Brushback Drysdale earlier, and we get a little extra with this card featuring Campy. 

We'll finish off with the one and only...

Here's hoping some Koufax Dodger magic will filter down from heaven and help Kershaw and the Dodgers to beat those Redbirds. 

That was a fantastic box, Night Owl! Thanks so much. What fun it was to sort through all of them and write about them. Much appreciation and Dodger love from LA to NY. 

Now let's knock those Cardinals out of the way and get at those Giants once again. 


  1. Replies
    1. Lookin' for that old-time Dodgers mojo to kick in tonight!

  2. That Dodgers outfield is going to get really crowded when Corey Seager is up.

    1. No kidding! I think Ethier and Crawford will be gone in 2015.

  3. Matt Kemp is regaining some of his value so they may be able to trade him. Still will take a good bit of cash, but not near as much as it would have pre trade deadline.

    1. Logically, you're right. Emotionally, this town will tear the stadium down if they trade Kemp.
      In Kemp's down years he had a huge group of die-hard fans. Now that he's back, I can't imagine the backlash if they move him. Besides, they need at least one veteran outfielder.

    2. Money doesn't seem to really matter to the Dodgers so they may just keep him. My thought process is that Crawford and Ethier are essentially untradeable and that Kemp would be someone they could get a decent prospect back if they ate some money.