Sunday, April 26, 2015

Visiting the Institiute for Baseball Studies -The Loot


A couple of posts ago, Wallet Card and I visited the Institute for Baseball Studies. You'll find that post, filled with plenty of intriguing baseball memorabilia here

It was my pleasure to meet and talk with Terry Cannon, Executive Director of the Baseball Reliquary, when I visited - and for an extra bonus, Terry generously shared some fantastic baseball memorabilia with me to take home.  Let's take a look at the new additions to my collection, THANKS to Terry and the Reliquary...

Below is a large card (5" by 8") that will be a giveaway to accompany the upcoming visit of Masanori Murakami to Whittier College and the Institute on Tuesday, July 7...

Terry then noted that I'm a Dodgers fan. He asked if I'm a Fernando fan...and he gave me a set of these...

I love those Fernando cards. I don't think I'll be opening up the set too soon, though. I want to enjoy them in their original packaging for a while. 

Then Terry really blew me away. He dropped an UNCUT SHEET of some very cool cards on me.  This was from a set of "Legends of the Minor Leagues". Check these out...

Look at these legends...Lasorda!  and Castro! (last row)

Yup, before Puigmania, there was Fidel, the original Cuban...

 Last - but as all card collectors know - absolutely not least,Terry dropped some unopen packs in my hand. Nice! 

1991 was right around the time I entered card collecting. Who might be waiting in these packs?

Nolan Ryan, the Big Hurt, Cheater Bonds, Junior was everywhere, Paul Molitor, Ricky Henderson.  Lots of great possibilities. 

Did I pull any of those guys? are the top cards, from Studio first...

I caught a Griffey...but...not Junior. 

Never a bad thing to pull a Dodger card. Eddie Murray is no slouch to be sure.

Boggsy was in a lot of packs back then as well. 

On to '91 Leaf. That was a hot pack full of Cubs and Phillies.

 Maddux! Pre-glasses and pre-umpires giving him an extra two inches off the plate, "just because"....

Nice to catch an Angel. 

One Cubbie to round it out....

 What a sweet bunch a baseball collector's loot. 

A million THANKS to you Terry, for the warm welcome you extended that day, our wonderful baseball conversation, and the awesome gifts that you shared. I'll surely be back to the Institute soon (as soon as Laker Dave and I can coordinate). 

Good evening and Aloha everybody!


  1. Geez, so now I've got to get out to California for a Dodger game AND to go to Whittier College. (Love the Fernando Star cards!)

  2. I can't wait to meet you at the airport, Night Owl.
    It looks like California will be a full agenda.

  3. Wow! You got the VIP treatment. What a great day.

    1. It was an awesome baseball day. What a visit!

  4. That looks like a great place to visit. I had a conversation recently with an investment advisor as to whether I would continue being a lawyer if I won a big sum in the lottery. I told her I would not -- that I would open up a baseball card shop. Now I know that I would open up a museum and baseball card shop and make it a charitable enterprise! :-)

    1. What a great idea! We can't have too many of those, and you would love your job every single day :)

  5. My God - a sealed Star pack?!? Mind if I borrow that picture?

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, brother! Waiting to make my return visit. (Hint, hint)

  7. Woah man that Masanori oversized card looks fantastic. Unless it's one of the few SF Giants cards you plan on keeping I'd love a shot at it.

    1. Hey ZZ, it's all yours. It's my pleasure to get a beautiful piece like that to you.
      I'll be sending it out soon :)

  8. Man. That looks like a great time. Great stuff.

    1. It was a blast.
      I'm planning to visit again next Friday :)