Friday, May 22, 2015

Wallet Card Gets A World Series Championship Ring

Aloha everybody, 

Last week Laker Dave and I headed out to Chavez Ravine to take in the Dodgers game. It wasn't just any game - it was the Old-Timers game, and the fans were being given replicas of the Dodgers' 1965 World Series Championship ring.

What a grand day it was, until the big club played and got killed 7-1 by the Rockies. We'll bypass that horror and just focus on the pregame fun that was the Old-Timers game.

 This post is also going to focus on a lot of Dodger Stadium shots, which are dedicated to my blogger buddy, good ol' Night Owl.  Most of us know that Night Owl is a lifelong Dodger fan who has never had the Dodger Stadium Experience.

I feel for N.O., as I consider Dodger Stadium to be the most beautiful stadium of all. It's my summer home and my Blue Cathedral. One day the hills beyond the outfield will be the resting place of my ashes, so I will never miss a game, from Opening Day to the World Series. 

 Night Owl recently wrote  about the inclusion of Dodger Stadium on baseball cards, and he lamented the fact there are just not enough views of the stadium for him to drink in.  

In addition, I know there are other Dodger fans out there who would appreciate seeing the old-timers, so please indulge me as I drop a few extra photos. 

Outside the gates you'll find these giant replicas of the WS rings. This one is from the Brooklyn Dodgers' one and only championship. 

Behind me you can see the mural honoring past Dodger Cy Young Award winners. This year the Dodgers are giving away pins honoring those winners. 

Eric Gagne was scheduled to be there, so I broke out my old "Game Over" Gagne shirt. 

 Upon entry we were given these very cool replica rings. Hefty, substantial, and with shiny cubic zirconia bling! 

Here's the view from our entry point just behind the visitor's bullpen.

We walked right over to old-timer's batting practice...

Hey N.O., there's the Penguin...

Group shot: YAY!  Time Warner Cable: BOOOOOOO!!!

 Below is World Series MVP, Payy-Droooo Goo-Rare-Ohhhhhhh!!
(As the old stadium announcer used to say Guerrero's name) 

Behind Guerrero in visitor greys is Fernando and beyond him is Shawn Green.

 Then came the old-timers. There were three members of the 1955 Brooklyn WS champions and five from the 1965 team.

Joining the group at the far left is Boomer, Steve Yeager, decked out in the Tools of Ignorance... 

Steve Garvey...

 Bulldog Hershiser shaking hands on the line. Among those waiting are Green, Nomar, Yeager, Guerrero, Cey, Garvey, and Fernando. 
Tommy Lasorda in the center doing the Alfred Hitchcock profile and Magic Johnson to the far right. 

The largest ovation of the day went to the man on the Wallet Card, Mr. Koufax...

Old-Timers game action. Fernando pitching to Mickey Hatcher...

More Fernando...

Orel Hershiser vs. Nomahhhhhh....

Shawn Green still has that beautiful swing. Here he is cracking a long single off of Chan Ho Park...

 It was overcast, but a beautiful day for a ballgame...

Here's an extra note for those who stayed along till the end. Part two of Project Cardboard went off yesterday.  PWE's and bubble mailers went out to these zip codes...




  1. Very nice. I'm sure NO and many other Dodgers fans on this blogosphere would've loved to attend that game.

    I've yet to attend a Yankees OTD game because they never sign autographs lol ;).

    1. The Dodgers weren't doing autos either. But a few were cool enough to come up close, wave and pose for pics.

      I've loved the OTD games since I was a kid.

  2. Great photos! That looks like it was a great game to attend.

  3. Yeh. It was a great day. The night wasn't so great as the Dodgers got creamed 7-1, but nothing's perfect.

  4. The cubic zirconia is proudly displayed in my man cave.