Saturday, July 18, 2015

This Way To A Post About Cool Cards From The Clubhouse

Aloha everybody,

I don't know about all of you out there, but I was going through withdrawal during that All-Star break. It's sure good to have baseball back again. 

You know what else is good? Gettin' some great cards in the mail, that's what. 

I received these courtesy of Mark Kaz from This Way To The Clubhouse. He described them as "shiny Hollywood" cards, and I can't argue...

You can't get much more Hollywood than a Matt Kemp purple refractor. 

One great thing about this card: it's among the last that will list Kemp as playing for Hollywood - errr - Los Angeles on the back. 

One more shiny goodie coming up... 

It's a beautiful, Hollywood Hanley Ramirez, limited to 99. I absolutely dig limited edition cardboard. 

DonRuss cards have always honored the home run hitters of the game with great inserts. This one follows right in the tradition.

 Hanley smashed that ball in Colorado, and Kaz smashed this trade out of the park as well, with some great Hollywood bling to add to my collection. 

THANKS, Kaz! Aloha!  


  1. The inserts in Donruss are actually pretty cool.

    1. Yeh! they are awesome. I once got a hot pack with an entire set of inserts.