Thursday, July 14, 2016

My First Twitter Trade Was With a Lady and a Southpaw - Awesome!

Aloha, everybody, 

Once again, I'm just about the last person in the collecting world to get in on something - this time it's trading with someone from Twitter. 

Trading with a person you met on Twitter is different from what we collector/bloggers are accustomed to, as it requires a bit more trust in the deal. I would liken it to a blogger trading with a reader. 

Bloggers build reputations through their blogs, and readers build reps - and relationships - through commenting on those blogs. There's the rub, it's about relationships. 

 Speaking of relationships, do you Dodger fans remember when these two were teammates, and winning awards together? It seems like that was a hundred years ago.

I've seen people on Twitter who talk about trades, but those are usually centered around trading big-ticket items, and I also get the feeling most of those folks can't wait to sell their new cards for top dollar as soon as they arrive in the mail. That's really not my bag. 

I blog, collect and trade because I'm working on building a humble collection of cards that I love. Take that above Jackie Robinson tribute card for example. The big money collectors would laugh at that card being included in a deal. Not me. Gimme more Jackie cardboard, because I collect what I love, not what I think I can sell. 

Which brings me to the person I chose to make my first Twitter trade with, Lady Deadpool. We follow each other on Twitter, and over time, we gained a feel for each others "Twitter-minds", and collecting habits. 

Here's a blast from the past - Andre Ethier with an All-Star Rookie Cup. 

Through reading Lady Southpaw's tweets, I saw she was a collector very much like me, loyal to her teams and favorite super heroes, and best of all, she was not focused on her collection as a for-profit enterprise. 

Ever since I wrote that post on Duke Snider cards, more have been dropping into my lap. That was good mojo. 
Poor Yimi didn't have so much good mojo. He's shown flashes of  substance in a few games, but he's now on the 60-day DL, so it will be a while before we see ol' Yimi again. 

Lady Deadpool's Twitter handle is @agentsouthpaw. In talking with her, I learned that's because like me, she's left-handed. We also both collect the Dodgers' southpaw ace, Clayton Kershaw. Which means more Kershaw cardboard for me! 

This one features a very deep 3-D effect. Coolness! 

Shiny Kershaw on an All-Star tribute card...

And one more new Kershaw for my collection...

 Justin Turner isn't the first Dodger to sport a beard at third base. 

 She even dropped some vintage on me, complete with old-timey batting helmets, a mystery arm patch, and some lurking Dodger Stadium. How cool is that?

Miss Deadpool wasn't done. In addition to a great fistful of Dodgers cardboard, she also tossed in a pack of Opening Day. 
Is this where I would find the big money card that most Twitter trades are made of?

Well, I pulled one "yuck!" card. It's the Mets celebrating...

But as we know, one persons yuck, is another's trade bait, so this Mets card will end up heading to a Mets fan. 

Finally, a card that I just can't decide whether or not to keep or trade away...

It's still a little strange for me to see Kemp making his signature home run eyes-to-the-sky pose in a Padre uni. I think I'll hold onto this one for a bit. 

Those were just the highlights from the package that Lady Deadpool sent to me, which makes my first Twitter trade a cardboard success. 

Thanks for the fun trade, Lady Deadpool. I'm looking forward to more trades with you in the future. 

So who wants to be my second Twitter trade partner? 



  1. Very cool! I haven't considered trading via Twitter yet, but it sounds like fun. Maybe that's something to explore down the line. Anyhow, those are some nice pickups for your collection, my good man!

    1. It took me a while to jump on that, but I figure more trading partners is better than less - and you know, sometimes that turns into friends :)

  2. Cool trade! I've done a few trades through Twitter, and you're right -- you have to pay attention for a while to the person to make sure they aren't one of those trade-and-flip types who only want Topps Dynasty.

    1. You got that right, Tony. It just takes a little advance homework.