Friday, August 5, 2016

A Wonderful Oddball From Out of Left Field

Aloha, everybody, 

My son recently handed a flipbook to me, asking if I wanted it. Boy, did I ever! 

I couldn't find much info on this little flipbook, but it looks like it was produced by L.A. County government to celebrate the Dodgers' 50th season in Los Angeles, an to encourage voting in the 2008 Presedential election. 

Of course, it commemorates Kirk Gibson's legendary World Series home run.

Here's a peek inside. I've opened the front cover and the first image is visible... 

Later in the sequence, Gibby and Dennis Eckersley watch the flight of the ball on it's way into the L.A. night sky...

How about some fist-pump action...

The sequence actually plays out very well when you flip through it. Kudos to the county government for getting something right. 

Finally, a look at the back cover...

I never get tired of watching replays of Gibby's home run, or of the various TV and radio calls from that magic night. Now I have a flipbook to view it in an entirely new way.