Sunday, March 5, 2017

Surprise Kershaws and Assorted Dodgers Walk the Plank to LA

Aloha, everybody, 

It's late on the east coast now, but not so much here in Los Angeles, so I'll take advantage of me-time and drop a few lines about some wonderful surprise Dodgers that arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of my good friend and trading partner Matt, from Bob Walk the Plank fame. 

Our trade partnership recently established a new "plank" when we traded some beers. Matt, being the kind of guy he is, wouldn't just settle for a beer for beer swap...he dropped some cardboard on me to hold me over until his side of the beer trade arrives here in California. 

Boy, did he drop some primo cardboard on me! 

Let's start off with the guy any Dodgers fan wants to see pop out of his cards package, Mr. Clayton Kershaw...

It's an immaculate hunk of Kershaw's home whites from 2016 Allen and Ginter. 

That would have held me just fine, but Matt included a bombardment of 1981 Fleer Dodgers that just obliterated my wantlist for that year's team set. 

Matt didn't just send over some chewy leftovers from the bottom of a dimebox. These are pristine cards that look like they came right out of the pack - only it's been more than 35 years since that happened. 

There's Bobby Castillo, the unsung Dodgers pitcher who taught Fernando Valenzuela the pitch that became his signature knock out punch - the screwball. 

If only Vin Scully had a buck for every time he said, "Screwball! Got him looking!" 

Here's one for Gavin and the other Padre fans out there (ZZ perhaps?) ...

Dig those throwback Padres uniforms. Get-ups only their madres could love. 

Here's the rest of the Fleer bunch...

Matt really whittled down that checklist. I only need Tommy Lasorda and Rick Monday to complete the set. 

Finally, the beauty of this bunch...

From 2016 Panini National Treasures, numbered 49/99, one more magnificent Kershaw. This time he's pictured with the home whites scuffed and dirtied. Wow! 

What a fantastic surprise these were, Matt. THANKS! (I picked up a couple of treats for yoou at the card show on Saturday.) 



  1. Primo cardboard indeed...those would definitely make my day. RIP Babo!

    1. Yeh, Babo was a good cat. He was always the Opening Day Dodger celeb back in my son's PONY baseball days.

  2. Your welcome! If I get a little extra time tonight your beer will be going in the mail tomorrow!

  3. Replies
    1. Wowza is right! A great fistful of cardboard :)