Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Little Piece of Brooklyn Comes to my House

Aloha, everybody, 

The beauty of our hobby is there are always new folks to meet and new trades to make. That happened for me recently when I came across a card I just hadda have over at Paul's TTM Autograph Blog

Paul's blog was new to me, but I spotted something there from a Dodger that's very well known to any Dodgers fan. I contacted Paul, and after a couple of breif emails, the deal was done. 

Being the cool cat that Paul is, he also included a whole lotta other Dodger goodies in the trade. Check em out...

Young Trayce is tearing it up in the farms, and with the injury rate up in LA these days, Dodger fans are expecting to see him up with the big club very soon. 

I believe you all know this guy...

Here come some Dodgers from the past. Bonus: All new cards for my collection...

Milton Bradley's baseball story was brief and doomed. He had the talent, but he was a little bit, shall we say...emotionally unstable. He got a lot of fresh starts with teams that were willing to take a chance on the speedy and powerful kid, but he quickly wore out his welcome everywhere he was dumped off to, often with very public shows of anger issues. 

That said, I liked Bradley, and still occasionally wear his jersey to ball games. 

Paul dropped some Brooklyn goodness in the bunch (these aren't the big Brooklyn punch yet)...

I've now got enough of these Jackie Robinson Story cards to begin a chase to complete it...

This little extra was a great blast from the past. It's a CD baseball card. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to run, but it's still cool to have. 

Paul also included a buncha 1978 Dodgers, helping me to chip away at the team set...

And finally, this badass slice of cardboard, the one that started the trade. The one I hadda have...

Hall of Famer? Check.
Boys of Summer? Check.
Game used? Check. 

Awesome trade with a new blogosphere friend? Checkerooni.
THANKS for the great cards, Paul. I'm looking forward to our next trade. 



  1. That last one sure is nifty. Thanks for the new blog to view!

    1. I've always wanted a game used from Reese. Dare I try to collect something from all the Boys of Summer?????!!!!

  2. Great bunch of cards. Love the Nomar

  3. Trayce is tearing it up in the farms?He is hitting .168 at Oklahoma.

    1. You got me. Guilty of puffing it up a bit. I read he's been coming out of a slump lately, and probably gave too much credit.

  4. Nice Reese relic. BTW, your turn in the game.

  5. It was a great trade both ways man. Thanks again. By the way, in my young and stupid years I got booted from Comerica Park for heckling Milton Bradley too much. Lol